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  1. I agree. While playing around with the A7SIII Slog3 footage that has been posted makes me drool, the A9 will give you a fairly malleable image at Standard (or Neutral) -3-3-2.
  2. Ah, that’s too bad. Thanks for the info.
  3. Is this specific to the A7SIII? CIZ in video mode doesn't disable AF on my cameras (A9, A6500), but face af isn't available, so I guess it's contrast based. It works well though, I use it all the time. Controlling CIZ remotely works on the older cameras with apps, but not on my A9. Although it might on other newer models. This chart (referring to compatibility with Sony's desktop software) shows how the original A9 lacks certain features, https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/app/imagingedge/en/devices/
  4. This is awesome! Exactly the affordable product/solution I’ve been waiting for. I’ll admit that I love my Sonys, but Blackmagic is the leader of innovation right now.
  5. Oh no! Maybe too good to be true, although this Sony rep seems to believe otherwise https://youtu.be/AqMkfBRIH5w?t=5153 (cued to where he talks about it).
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