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  1. well, I have only seen this one post and would not call it trolling...unless any post that doesn't agree with your opinions or criticizes this site in the slightest is considered trolling?
  2. Really, did he just get banned for writing this or am I misinterpreting the "banned" tag under the user name?
  3. To be fair, the guy in the IR article isn't actually from IR but from some other publication and says the Olympus situation "reminds" him of Sony/Minolta and then goes on to explain how the two scenarios differ....nobody is saying it's the same...
  4. Thanks, I know some of those, will check out the rest....but wouldn't you say someone like Brownlee is on industry payroll as well?
  5. I haven't been on this forum very long but I've pretty much worked out you don't really seem to like anyone from your rival sites (wasn't very difficult to be honest...). Is there actually anyone who you do like? If there is, their publication should probably be high up on the reading list
  6. Only Leica I have ever used is the S2...not even a video mode back then but such a beautiful piece of equipment and superb build quality...the pictures weren't shabby either
  7. Femi


    Nice work! Very calming to watch
  8. The free version of Resolve offers more than most of us would ever need I guess. The only thing is that I don't find it to be as intuitive as some other editors. Once you know how to use it it is very powerful, though. Probably best to invest a few hours in a course or some tutorials and off you go.
  9. Just watched the video...I am not sure I understand this post. He is only talking about the industry and Coronavirus...at what point does he pretend to be an artist?
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