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  1. Does it have S-Cinetone curve or can we expect better skintones compared to a a7iii?
  2. That's why I was also exited for the R6. But I would disagree that M43 is basically worse. The price difference to full format is also quite big with the lenses and to travel it needs more space. Both has advantages and disadvantages.
  3. One year ago, there were some reports about a Time of Flight camera sensor in Panasonic cams. I think it's realistic to hope for better AF in the GH6. I would picked uf the X-T4, but doesn't suit me because of the AF and the overheat. It would have been appropriate because I still have an X-T1 with the 18-55mm lens. But the Fuji AF really depends on the lens, I think the 18-55mm is not so bad. But it does not come close to Sony and Canon.
  4. Worked with the GH5s a week ago, I shot with manual focus but tested the AF a little bit and it was better then I expected. I googled and found out, that they fixed the AF like a half year ago (it's not on PD level, but usable for some situations). GH6 with IBIS, PDAF and more MP would be a dream
  5. Yeah, but I still have to wait for the price. That's a lot of money... In the end, the story is most important to me, good white balance and focus. Sure, personally I want 4k videos, but I'm not sure how many consumers demand it and actually see the difference.
  6. Still waiting for my perfect camera for short docs and run&gun (reports): Canon R6: overheating Panasonic S1H: bad autofocus (same with GH5S) BMPCC 4k/6k: bad autofocus, no IBIS Fuji X-T4: overheat, no video lens (AF) Sony A7 III: Do I really want to buy this one in 2020? (no 4k 60fps, no face detection in 4k, I'm not a slog fan)
  7. I think that too, because otherwise they can't sell the c-line and the r5
  8. Really excited how the DR will be on the R6 and if they ship clog3 with a firmware update
  9. @androidlad I also tested a little bit and turned customisation off (see post above). For my taste and my test shots i did, the colors were better in Amira709. Did you tested this Gamma too or what do you think about it? The rest in my screenshot is good, right?
  10. Hey guys. Do we need to activate "Display Colourspace Converter" and covert it from 2100 to 709 or does LUTCalc convert it anyway, if we set HLG as an input and Alexa-X2 as the output? Do you choose the Alexa-X-2 gamma because it looks good without processing or because it is easy to grade? Someone figgured in the meantime better settings out to convert f-log or hlg to a nice looking rec709?
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