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    RyanH reacted to fuzzynormal in COVID19 Kibosh   
    I'm sure your boot-strap morals will not allow you¬†to take the money, that's socialism, right? ūüėČ
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    RyanH reacted to Andrew Reid in COVID19 Kibosh   
    Looks like we have another Trump troll heading for the bot farm from which they came.
    What a shit stirrer. A ban is coming on at least 10 members because you are basically toxic people.
    I am not going to sit here and let you turn the forum toxic with your racism and America First fuck the rest of us delusion.
    You will need the Germans when the vaccine is ready.
    You need the British when you want a camera forum, apparently.
    But being grateful or thankful apparently isn't a part of your brain that lights up very much.
    Therefore you don't deserve to be a member of this forum.
    It's that simple. Enjoy your time here while it lasts because I am going to blanket ban toxic thickos tomorrow.
    For the other idiots and patriot racists who are coming out of the woodwork, you're time's up.
    Camera forums deserve a basic morality going on.
    If you are trying to gain exclusivity over a coronavirus remedy, it's nothing more than a profit grab and a death sentence for others. The science community is a global one. All important science needs to be a world effort especially with a pandemic like this.
    People are slowly realising what America First really means and what does this for America's image in the world. It fucking tarnishes it, to say the least. You have a President who is destroying any remaining appeal of American identity and idealism in the eyes of 80% of the world's population.
    Be a good neighbour and you may get a German or Japanese coronavirus medicine at the same time as the rest of us.
    And if you think your own people and flag is so much better than the others, develop your own fucking vaccine.
    Like I say, I have tolerated gobshites all my life but time's up.
    Yes I do remember the behaviour on the Titanic.
    Having an exclusive deal on a pandemic vaccine isn't IN YOUR FUCKING BEST INTERESTS YOU FUCKWIT
    You really are as fuckwitted as it gets... aren't you?
    You consider shafting the world some kind of "victory"
    You don't live in a fucking bubble.
    You are a human being on planet Earth before you're an American.
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    RyanH got a reaction from kye in First Music Video   
    This forum is always such a great source of information and insight so I decided to sign up because I finally get a chance to share this super low budget music video I made.
    I'm friendly with the band and they didn't have any money really, I did it partly as a favor to them.  I had never done a music video before so I also saw it as a creative opportunity to see how far I could  stretch things.  And after several locations fell through it seemed like all I was going to have to work with was the bands (very small) basement/practice space for the span of about 9 hours.  Set up took about 2 hours. Shot for around 6 (with one of the three members having to leave for an hour in the middle for personal reasons).  
    Used about 60 dollars worth of black fabric to try and black out the walls of the basement. The band bought the masks and fake money for almost nothing on Amazon.
    Everything else I already owned from doing weddings and short films.  I shot everything with a gh5-sigma 18-35 combo. Had one big light with a soft box for the main source and two small leds backlighting .
    Edited it myself in less than 2 weeks to meet the deadline of their album release.
    Hope people enjoy, I love feedback!
    …and for those of you that can't enjoy some goofy political satire, you've been warned lol
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