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    First Music Video

    Thanks Mark! I didn't use a gimbal, everything was on a tripod with the exception of some close ups where I went handheld. Also handheld a couple of takes of the band where I had them play along with the song at half speed and sped up the footage in post for the more chaotic feel in the latter third of the song. Originally I was going to try and mask out the ceiling in an attempt to throw the entire background into a deep black void so I kept most of the shots locked off. I completely agree about the smoothness being a little off from the energy of the song. As the idea for the vi
  2. This forum is always such a great source of information and insight so I decided to sign up because I finally get a chance to share this super low budget music video I made. I'm friendly with the band and they didn't have any money really, I did it partly as a favor to them. I had never done a music video before so I also saw it as a creative opportunity to see how far I could stretch things. And after several locations fell through it seemed like all I was going to have to work with was the bands (very small) basement/practice space for the span of about 9 hours. Set up took about 2
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