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  1. Is there any mention of internal 10-bit on this thing? At least up to 60fps? You know Canon will cripple this camera in some way. 8-bit only? 420 only? Overheating? 29-minute recording limit? No 422 10-bit out the HDMI? There will be a catch. And they will price it as if there was no catch. For now, I'm happy with my S1, but Canon has a chance to re-dominate the market again. Will they choose to do it? Will they actually give people what they want?
  2. Regarding the FP vs S1... I have a buddy that's shoots Alexa regularly and we've been pixel peeping the S1 a lot. He's pretty impressed with the S1 and claims it's "like 95% of an Alexa". The internal 10-bit files are great and flexible, as long as they're not terribly underexposed. You really have to do something crazy for the image to fall apart. The FP looks fantastic as an idea (their video promo is mind-blowing), but it seems WAY overpriced for the amount of hassle that the full DNG will be. When I shot raw on my Blackmagic, I used SlimRaw to convert my full DNGs to 7:1 compressed, but th
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