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  1. On 6/4/2020 at 2:10 AM, Andrew Reid said:

    Can confirm this is a bug on mine too. Did you ever find a fix?

    It happens to me no matter what video mode or settings are used.

    Reminds me of the similar issue on the Nikon Z6 which has a similar sensor!

    Indeed, Z6 and  Z7  have a similar problem. Indirect bad sign for Sigma issue is that they have it even on firmware 3.0. Looks like it is impossible to fix or Nikon just doesn't care.



  2. By the way, please, can anybody confirm (or deny) that it is possible to shot 12 bit RAW with the flashlight at 1/30 sync speed. I saw the post of Ellis Vener on dpreiew.com  (who made this review https://ppmag.com/news/product-review-sigma-fp) that it is possible? I have no flash to check it.

    https://***URL removed***/articles/4708478348/compact-capable-and-imperfect-first-impressions-of-the-sigma-fp?comment=1592968735

    Ellis Vener

    "The biggest problem I had with it as a stills camera when I was reviewing it is the sync speed. 1/30th at best but that meant twelve-bit raws, but for 14-bit raws, X-Sync drops to 1/15th"

    Annotation 2020-05-22 202426.png

  3. Hello.  Here is the official answer from Sigma about 0.1 second shutter lag:


    ”We are so sorry that your fp is showing a lag between the moment of release and the actual picture. We are aware of this, and unfortunately, this is how fp works at this point. This is a display lag happening between the sensor and LCD.


    I will forward your message to our engineer team, and they will check if there is something they can do to fix this. However, at this moment, we have to ask you to accept that this is how fp works.”

    So maybe they will come up with something...





    It has corrected a phenomenon affecting a very small number of individuals whereby DNG files could not be processed during interval timer shooting.

    It has corrected a phenomenon whereby video footage appeared distorted when recorded in MOV format and UHD resolution.

    It has corrected a phenomenon whereby video footage appeared distorted when Distortion Correction and Vignetting Correction operated incorrectly near infinity focus.

    It has corrected a phenomenon whereby a card error occurred when using certain SD cards.

    It has corrected the phenomenon whereby, depending on the Exposure Bracket setting, the camera would shoot bracketed exposures even when the function was set to off.

    It has corrected a phenomenon whereby the brightness of the monitor changed depending on the subject even when the monitor exposure in M mode was set to "on".

    It has corrected a phenomenon whereby the monitor exposure display in M mode was not displayed correctly when using a mount adapter without an electronic contact.

    It has corrected a phenomenon affecting a very small number of individuals whereby the power consumption was greater than usual when the power was turned off.”


  5. Here is the video illustration of a strange issue  with in camera stills preview I mentioned before: during  scrolling through  images there is about 1 second lag when your  see low res blurry  preview and only  then full res image . Still can't get used to it.


    Again, memory card - SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card 64GB Speed 300MBs



    Shot through lvf 11 viewfinder. All stills are JPEG, not DNG

    Here are 4 scenarios:

    1.scrolling full size /full screen  images - lag.

    2. Zoom in then zoom out to full screen- lag

    3.scrolling zoomed in images - no lag.

    4. full-size slideshow- no lag


    It is not a big deal comparing to other things observed here but anyway it shouldn’t work this way. I  believe it is something that can be fixed with the update easily…


  6. 14 hours ago, Lars Steenhoff said:


    Seems the 4k of the fp is not perfect, but I knew that, still its nice to see some test.

    Solid review . I`d say "not perfect" is an understatement for such  image artifacts. I shot forest a lot and  have noticed some strange flicker  on the trees in some shots, but I didn`t think it is so bad. Now  it  looks more  like  a   serious manufacturing defect. I wonder, does  anybody  from Sigma know about this? Is there any communication channel for bug reports?If it is unrepairable through the firmware, then this is  the end)

  7. On 12/31/2019 at 12:59 PM, paulinventome said:

    Me too, my left eye doesn't need glasses and it's close to -2 for it to work properly and i'm short sighted in my left but still at -2 so i really don't know what that diopter is correcting for...

    Also yes, the first time you view a DNG file it takes time to preview it. It's like there's a very low res thumbnail then it gets debayered on demand.



    Yes, but why does it take place at all? It is hard to believe that it is the problem for the processor inside Sigma fp to display 24 mp still on the fly) e.g.10 years old canon 5d mark2 do this instantaneously. Moreover, it happens even with low-quality jpeg stills not DNG. Could it be the firmware issue?

  8. On 12/28/2019 at 9:28 AM, Thomas Hill said:

    With my glasses on, it's clear from about -1.25 all the way to -2. Without my glasses, it never gets clear.

    Well.. probably  you have the same situation .It works between 1,5 and 2.0.  Looks like it was by design..

    On 12/22/2019 at 2:30 PM, Lars Steenhoff said:

    Yes I noticed the shutter delay too, And its really annoying to see your shot that you thought you captured suddenly missed.

    I wonder if this can be fixed or that it will be a flaw that will stick.

    And the other thing I noticed is that the brightness on the lcd is changing in manual focus mode with exposure simulation on. This is also not expected and annoying.


    There  is another thing I noticed — a lag of displaying photos in full quality during in-camera playback. When you scroll from image to image it takes about a second ( a bit less) to display each photo in full quality (before this you see sort of blurry preview version), whether using raw, jpeg or both at any resolution. But when you do the same thing in zoom-in mode everything is ok, no lag at all. I use Sandisk extreme pro uhs-ii 64gb, formatted in camera. It is really annoying (especially with the viewfinder)  when you need to fast review multiple stills you’ve just shot. Has anyone run into this?

  9. Has anyone got the LVF-11 LCD Viewfinder? I just got mine and it is something strange is happening with dioptric correction:  the best position is almost -2.0 (sharp and comfortable image). Four people, all have never worn glasses. Don`t know what to think,  I guess the best position should be around 0 (plus/minus) in this case

  10. 5 hours ago, rawshooter said:

    Just saw this:


    A collaborative Google doc for tracking current issues of the Sigma fp and submitting them as a bug report to Sigma.



    "after powering off the camera, or after power save sleep, the camera loses basic settings such as video resolution, codec, audio recording level"  - is that true?

  11. 8 hours ago, Brian Williams said:

    I don’t know, a lot of well received cameras don’t have them, the Pocket 4K being one. I haven’t seen any footage of mine from the FP that concerns me.

    aliasing is the problem with pocket 4k  and probably with sigma fp. but pocket 4k has 3rd party OLPF

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