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  1. 17 minutes ago, Geoff CB said:

    Thousands. At a certain point you have to put in effort if you want results. Like photography the more you know and the more you do it the better you get. 

    Yeah but at least I need to know and understand all tools in order to study. At this point, I don't even understand the color grading itself compared to photography. I'm just wondering if I can just do color grading on Davinci Resolve while I do editing on Final Cut Pro X or not.

  2. 9 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

    I recommend Resolve if you love editing your photos. The color control in Resolve is second to none, and you don't even have to pay for it for most of the features you need starting out. 

    Well, idk how to learn and study with Resolve cause it's too complicated especially the color grading.

    Are there any online course that I can take for Davinci Resolve especially the color grading?

  3. 53 minutes ago, HockeyFan12 said:

    In my experience, larger-scale and union shows use Avid while smaller production companies use Adobe.

    Resolve seems to be getting more and more traction, but primarily among individual users. Ditto FCP X seems popular among those who are one-man bands (both seem to be fast).

    What are your specific goals? 

    From what you described I'd go with Adobe. And a 2017 iMac Pro is absolutely more than fast enough for virtually anything. I guess it's not ideal for raw online workflows, but those are pretty niche rn imo.

    Well, I think FCPX would be nice cause I'm using Mac. I'm not sure if I can even learn Adobe Premiere Pro since I don't have any video related knowledge such as LUT, iris, 4:2:2, etc. I seriously don't want to pay annually for my software.


    I have few goals to achieve with video editing

    1. 360 video workflow with GoPro (GoPro player allow 360 videos to ProRes. For Windows, good luck)

    2. Editing for Youtubers or small scale clients?

    3. Personal work

    4. Working at the video production team (Maybe)

    5. Stop motion


    At this point, learning is my main objective as I don't have a video camera especially with ProRes codec. It would be nice if I can have ProRes RAW files to play with.


  4. I know that video editors can use multiple software all together such as Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and Avid, but I just want to learn one software tho I'm interested to get a side job for video editing to be honest. Btw I'm using a Mac desktop and I majored in photography. I already tried 3 main software except AVID.


    I have to ask this question cause many work places demand video editing skill as a photographer(...) Yeah, photography itself is not that profitable for most of them and I gotta learn something for video which I'm interested in.  Having another career for video is not a bad idea I guess? Base on the requirement from Indeed, most of them demand Adobe software but It seems to be slow and buggy on Mac. I may need to buy a new Mac but that happened on iMac Pro 2017. You may say try anything and decide but I did that for few years and I still couldn't decide. For now, I just wanna focus on one software for personal uses such as 360 videos and art works.


    Any thoughts and suggestions?



  5. 15 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    What the hell is this infatuation with Ebrahim Saadawi? Hell he isn't on here. You think you are going to get rid of every con artist, bad person in the world? Who gives a shit what he does on DPR, that is their problem.

    1. He still didn't pay back. He claims he is a poor dentist student and yet he bought PS3 or 4 and I highly doubt that he is a poor person. 

    2. He is pretending as a professional filmmaker. The fact is, he doesnt even own a production company and doesnt even teach cinematography.

    3. On DPR, he refused that he is not the same person from EOSHD while he has the same look from both Facebook and DPR.

    4. He never ever apologized about his scam. 

    5. I'm sick of his poor knowledge toward video as he pretending as a professional filmmaker.

  6. 3 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

    Hang on, I thought it was his Grandfather that was doing the talking on here??

    Seems on that DPR thread he's now saying its his Father....

    The staff over there "monitoring" him is one thing but thats completely different to actually raising awareness of what a little shit he is and is completely ineffective and preventing him doing this again.

    He's not going to be dumb enough to actually use their forums directly to do the next scam but by being allowed to use them he can use it to build his credibility to sting someone off board.



    lol, people change as life changes? How come he still pretending as a professional filmmaker with false info? What about his own company? Does he even work as a filmmaker?  Check his DPR threads and comments. They are disgusting especially with cinema cameras that he believes Canon cameras are way better than cinema cameras. His scam may be the first and last, his information on several websites are terrible. He is a dentist but how come he considers himself as a filmmaker?



    Is he really the second AC for Egypt's largest cinema production? In the last 5 years? What is Qalb el Asad? Does he even own a video production company at 24?




    lol seriously? Do any of cinematographers use dual pixel AF for movies or TV series?  



  7. 28 minutes ago, Django said:

    i see kid giving fake advice all the time on canon forums over there. one day he's an EOS R owner, the other a 5DIV expert.. when we all know he's probably still on his Rebel 500D.. SMH


    lol yeah. I saw comments about cinema cameras that Canon cameras will dominate them. Such as dual pixel AF can replace current focus pulling. He knows nothing about cinematography. 


    Btw, does he really works as a professional? This is what he said:


    "I work in the professional video industry, saying that all these amazing technological advances aren't needed because 'real' pros work around them, is exactly like those saying pros don't need anything but a MF Leica without an LCD. It's ridiculous. 

    1- An EVF is an emmensely valuable tool for cinematographers, and external cinema EVFs are extremely low quality for some reason. To get a 3.89m dot type external EVF, you'll pay 5000+, and have an HDMI cable dangling. 

    2- IBIS is an extremely valuable tool, and we've tried the GH5 on gimbals and it actually aids 3 axis gimbals, not work against them, I call BS from Panasonic and pretty sure the oversized sensor just didn't have room to move inside the mount. Cinematographers have been using IS cameras and lenses on gimbals for years and they work very well. Plus this is a handheld camera, not an URSA Mini. 

    3- AF, anyone who doesn't appreciate AF in the cinema work is either a snob shooting film or didn't try DPAF! It saves money."




    https://***URL removed***/news/8108094649/photojournalist-faces-death-penalty-in-egypt-for-covering-anti-government-protests?comment=2254558522

    Actually, some of them found his past. Now, he is refusing that he didn't do that and not the same person... Who wanna fight him back?

  8. 2 hours ago, sanveer said:

    Could people who've been scammed contact the Depart or Cyber Crimes in Egypt, and file a formal complaint, via email. Maybe that would help someone spend a few days in jail, stop swindling other people, and stop being an internal swindler in general:


    Sadly, there is no way to arrest him. Ever. Egypt is not in a condition to deal with this issue.


    The only way to solve this issue is to expose his truth on DPR and stop him from being an active user. All users from DPR know nothing about him and yet he is pretending as a professional filmmaker with false info.

  9. 12 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    Unfortunately it is difficult to raise awareness on DPR of what happened here due to them banning any links with EOSHD.com in them.

    So if he does pull the same stunt over there to one of their users then I'd have to say that it will have been entirely down to DPR themselves.




    So I sent a message to DPR and they DO aware of this issue. This EOSHD post already proves his crime. 


    Also, He claimed that he owns the largest cinema production company in Egypt and has been working as a professional for 5 years since 19. Btw he is 24, not 25. Sorry about that. But seriously? Can anyone get the largest company in Egpyt around 20? Does he even have his website for professional works? After I checked his comments, he is not even a filmmaker for sure or amateur... 

  10. 1 minute ago, sanveer said:


    We should either troll him there, or play a series of jokes on him. 

    Actually, DPR staffs are aware of him and his scams. But the problem is, he is still pretending as a professional filmmaker without any sources, information, and knowledge. I totally doubt that he owns the largest cinema production company in Egypt and teaches cinematography. 

  11. https://***URL removed***/members/9734214696/overview

    https://***URL removed***/news/4923858178/blackmagic-announces-a-new-battery-grip-for-its-pocket-cinema-camera-4k?comment=3991621888

    I found this person from DPR and he is very active. Yet, he still pretending as a filmmaker. This comment made me laugh: "I am the second AC for Egypt's largest cinema production in the last 5 years "Qalb el Asad" and own a video production company." He was born in 1995. How come he got the largest company at 20?? Seriously? He also believes Canon cameras are the best which replace cinema cameras. I cant even find this company "Qalb el Asad" at all. Teaching cinematography is also joking as he knows nothing about it.


    Of course, he is Ebrahim Saadawi jr who is 25 years old. You can check his birthday on his FB. It seems he never paid back right? I really hate this person being active on DPR. Can anyone deal with this person?



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