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  1. Thanks guys for an interesting discussion. But I lost it few pages back... Anyway, a random video on NX1 - crappy camerawork with 100fps, handheld, and prob clipped something while grading but it is spring here in the forest -
  2. Hi everyone! I am still using NX1 as well. Jitter and turning green? I have experienced both. When filming in nature I started noticing that when turning the camera towards greenery, the pic got more magenta-ish when WB was locked. Opposite happens too. This made me realize Samsung had all figured out correctly; if we lock the color on the Kelvin blue-yellow axis, it can still freely move on the tint axis. So it is not completely locked, obviously. The Kelvin is locked, tint is automatic. Very logical of Samsung ? ? . All color is locked when all axes are locked in custom color or presets. Jitter. I had always jitter when editing the H265 footage directly in Sony Vegas Pro, and the jitter even did remain on YouTube. With every camera setting and render settings I used. The jitter went away once I started to use RockyMountains Movie Converter and edited with anything but H265. I am still wondering what is the reason, but probably it has something to do with H265 and how players and NLEs handle it.
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