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  1. Transcode. Edit. My trashcan with external raid can pretty much keep pace with 4k if you set a seperate cache on an external fast SSD.
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    Fuji XT3 Issue

    I color on an HP Dreamcolor 32 4k monitor. It's calibrated, then tweaked to get as close as my Panasonic 52 inch TV beside it (also calibrated). That's the thing. You find a compromise that works across different sets. Same goes for audio. Sounds good in the car/at home/on my phone.... Good to go. Throw HLG into the equation...
  3. HLG is Rec2020 it has to be resolved to Rec709 at some point unless only going to be seen on a TV that can resolve HDR10. FCPX has a default custom lut plugin that can do just that in a Rec709 Library. Pop it on your footage and choose Rec2020 input and Rec709 output...to boot you can add a lut if you want to or just let the plug resolve the color space for you.
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