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  1. And what Canon EOS R6? Is there any overheating issue too? Today I watched one Youtube video and R6 has overheating issue too. 😞
  2. What kind of RAW files? I would like to see some nice small 12:1 compressed RAW files (something like BRAW or REDCODE RAW)! Canon, please make your own compressed RAW video files! I don´t want uncompressed 8K RAW video files! It´s going to be huge and impractical. The same for Sony A7s III!
  3. Vrzalík

    Fuji X-T4

    Why such a tiny grip again! 😞 I don't like these shallow Fuji grips! Only X-H1 is good enough for me!
  4. I would like to see in rumours such a thing like internal ND filter, ability to record internally into ProRes RAW and BRAW, global shutter ( or minimal rolling shutter).
  5. No 4K60fps DCI without crop, no fast and accurate PDAF like Sony or Canon, not good rolling shutter, no internal recording video footage into BlackMagic RAW or ProRes RAW! I am dissapointed. I have awaited more from Panasonic! I want these features in some upcoming hybrid mirrorles camera!
  6. Thanks for help! I renamed files but it didn't work. If anybody knows anything about this problem. I will be glad for any help.
  7. Does Anybody have trouble with saving files into camera? I have Nikon D5300 with the latest firmware. I have done everything what is written in installation guide. I created NIKON folder, then CUSTOMPC subfolder and copied into it all 3 NP2 files. But my camera sees no files on memory card. So I can´t copy files into camera. Any suggestion what to do?
  8. Hi, I am new here. I wanna buy BMPCC4K and SLR Magic 25mm 0.95T MFT manual cine lens. Is there vignetting or not? Does Anybody know?
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