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  1. Every other camera with a sensor this large and capable of producing 4K HDR costs several times more. And ofcourse none of them have IBIS or autofocus.
  2. Very good points. The problem is that most established players in various fields are happy to play it safe and milk the consumers for big bucks for small improvements. We saw this in the phone business with Nokia and Blackberry when Apple and later Samsung ate their lunch. By the time a new technology like mirrorless FF has caught up these established players can't move fast enough to catch up with the market leader and once they start bleeding money they don't have the resources to catch up. As an enthusiast I've been waiting for almost 10 years for a sub US $1000 FF(new release price) but the established players have been in no hurry. Finally happened last year with A7II but that is a last generation with no 4K video. In the meantime the most innovation in imaging in the last decade has come from smartphone manufacturers squeezing the low end as well. I suspect that only one of Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic will survive in the camera market in the next decade. If you place a bet on the wrong horse you are going to see your equipment depreciate rapidly. Even my X-T3 has depreciated as much as a A7III bought several months before its release(about $300-400). That is the price for 4K 10 bit 60p internal. Buying a camera from these players today could very well be like buying a phone from Nokia or Blackberry in 2011. Only people with sentimental attachments or very specific requirements/mandates (encrypted corporate email, 4k 10 bit) will do it and these people should be prepared to pay a heavy price in the form of accelerated depreciation.
  3. I think its bad idea for anyone, especially a professional reviewer to dismiss a camera that they haven't spent time with. That said for me with the X-T3 the EOS RP seems like a good way to get into FF. I already have some Canon FF lenses to try with my X-T3 and Viltrox speedbooster so would just need the body and adapter. Also while it does crop 4k the 1.6x factor is a perfect match for an EF-S lens. Where can I get equivalent lenses for the S1 crop? The S1R seems to do everything but for the price with kit lens I can have the X-T3 with gimbal, a zoom, couple of primes AND a speedbooster plus a Canon zoom and primes while I wait out the mirrorless FF wars.
  4. The 'reddish color' in the XT3 comes from the film simulation. I notice that in Eterna as well and generally not a fan unless you want a quick and easy film look. Not seen if you use standard or log footage which is Rec2020.
  5. He should have done a 4K 60p test with the Sony, Canon and Nikon showing a 1080p image or atleast clearly mentioned they don't support it or docked points for it. And what about 10 bit. Even as a beginner I can see the difference grading between the two.
  6. I shot in F-Log and converted to PQ Rec2020. Actually the F-Log already uses Rec2020 as F-Gamut so really just converting to PQ in Resolve by normalizing with a Bezier curve and outputting ST.2084. This article explains how its done. https://www.mysterybox.us/blog/2016/10/27/hdr-video-part-5-grading-mastering-and-delivering-hdr
  7. Hi all - Just made my first video ever. Used the newly acquired X-T3. Also used the new Feiyu AK2000 and my first time using any gimbal. I was later able to use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable to start/stop recording from the gimbal and also acquire focus though I wasn't able to use it for this video. Got the X-T3 because I wanted to have our wedding video be in 4K HDR and this seemed to be the only economical way to do it. I also have some graded HDR test clips shot from the X-T3 but I cannot find it right now. Unfortunately Resolve doesn't seem to do HEVC export or 10 bit H.264 so this is exported and uploaded as 8 bit.
  8. I got the MIII refurbed on sale from Olympus to replace my fiancee's G7X for $400 with kit lens. Great 4K videos but haven't had the chance to compare it with my XT3 but certainly for the price it is amazing and it is better looking and much more compact than the XT3 especially with the pancake sized EZ zoom kit lens.
  9. I wonder if these are the same reliable sources who told them the A7Siii will be released on September 18th and then during Photokina.
  10. Hi all - New member here. I am just a hobbyist who has been photographing for a while but new to videos and moving from a D5100. I am an AV aficionado so really wanted something capable of 4K 10 bit HDR internally for my own wedding and honeymoon. I learned of the X-T3 announcement through this forum as I was looking at my options. 4K 10 bit, 4K 60P, Fuji color profiles and the retro look that reminded me of my first camera (Nikon FM10) were instrumental in choosing the X-T3 over the A7III. I was told by Adorama that the camera/lens will ship today even though the battery grip is backordered. Look forward to playing with it and will share raw videos as soon as I can.
  11. Thanks for the find. I was thinking of order this one https://www.amazon.com/Vlogging-Mirror-for-Tilt-Screen-Cameras/dp/B075DJ8X6Y. But it is out of stock so ordered the polaroid since it seems more flexible.
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