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  1. Annoying, as they are trying to sell a FF L mount camera. I just presumed these were additions to their line-up appropriate for the FP.
  2. Lots of cameras exhibit that issue. I just wouldn't say 'very prone'.
  3. Yeah, I'm seeing the white box on all screens. I'm only using legacy lenses (Pentax and Leica M).
  4. They announced this week three very affordable L mount lenses - a 16mm, a 30mm and a 56mm? The 30mm is definitely on my shopping list.
  5. Main things for me is a way to shoot braw without attaching a large additional box or monitor, like an SSD. Way to lose the white focus box in screen. Maybe a hot shoe mounted LCD rather than the bulky and awkward loupe.
  6. Like I said, don't shoot the messenger. I only use manual lenses. But if you look around the web, hardly anyone is singing the praises of the FP and a lot of people are complaining about vlogger type features like auto-focus, articulating screen etc.
  7. I love it, but I don't think pros are using it. A lot of people are scared off by the 'missing' features. Like I said, they could have worked harder on the auto-focus and spent less time on a consumer effect. Don't shoot the messenger here, I love the camera (personally), but I see a lot of people complaining about it. So far it's been better than my BMD Pocket. Having said that, I probably have pointed it at enough highly patterned or sharp edged objects yet.
  8. I watched the Sigma video on Cinematographs. It beggars belief they expended so much effort developing a feature that is kind of an Instagram fx. I find cameras that are trying to walk the line between pro and consumer never quite achieve either.
  9. Yep, the Sigma rep in the official video said log profile was not possible.
  10. Some people are just down on the FP. That's fine. Obviously people have varying needs and some are just not taken with this camera. It often does read like a statement of fact however. I bought mine slightly used, obviously from a disgruntled early adopter. I have shot numerous short films using CDNG, 10 bit. Apart from a couple of minor bugs before the last firmware update (early spring). I have not seen any lines or artefacts. It is super easy to import into Davinci Resolve (drag and drop the folders). It is also very easy to grade, despite some disappearing down a rabbit hole of stats and codecs. It is a slow camera for stills work. The loupe is bulky, but essential for me as I'm a reading glasses wearer. The screen is a blurred fade in daylight if I try and use it without the loupe. Agreed, the ISO is one click to the QS menu. I generally decide what my ISO should be for a project and use shutter speed and aperture to expose my pictures from there. back in the day you had to determine the ISO as you loaded a 30 shot film. At least now it's auto-ISO, or a one click menu change. I do not have any L mount lenses (yet). Last week I shot one of my favourite raw stills ever. I processed it in Capture One. Again, super easy. I just adjusted the levels, added a little contrast and it looked fantastic. I forgot to add any saturation before I exported it, but the colours look lovely (slightly pastel). I have a Leica Q stills camera, and a BMD Pocket 4K, and for me the Sigma FP matches both in end result. I am enjoying using it easily as much as those two cameras. I only keep the Pocket 4K for Braw. If there was a very small unit I could record Braw to from the FP I would sell my Pocket 4K.
  11. Just about to download the update. Super excited about Braw. I'd love to sell my Pocket 4K, but yeah, I don't really want to add anything bulky to my rig. I really enjoy using the FP in stills mode. I use it in manual with vintage lenses and I would compare it favourably to a lot of other brands.
  12. Somehow it was discouraged to further add to the thread. Anyway, I had to shoot a very short clip over the weekend. It is so easy. I dropped it into Davinci Resolve - engaged the Blackmagic Film setting in the camera drop down (as some have advised not to), didn't use ACES, adjusted a bit of exposure, contrast and saturation and it looked great. Job done.
  13. I don't know. A few EOSHD members have had issues with their FP that I have not had. So it is random and variable. It's a very new camera with not many users globally. So if you are worried about hardware issues I would buy from a recognised dealer. Some official Sigma dealers my have an ex-demo body, or customer return. I regularly buy nearly new gear from main dealers.
  14. I bought my FP used, albeit from someone in my country. I have already updated it once. The update is a free download from Sigma's site. Same with older Sigma cameras, I used to own second hand purchased DP Merrill. I guess my major worry would be support if something went wrong with the camera. Grey imports don't come with local tech h support (generally). I have found in the past, if you buy second hand, at least the local distributor will give you some help, or offer a repair at a cost. But they really don't want to support people who grey import.
  15. Very happy with Resolve so far. Final results are good and it really is no hassle to import, edit and grade the CDNG. I'm always looking for more advice, better ideas etc...
  16. I'm interested in learning how to best use Resolve with my FP footage. Not the uber deep technical stuff, just practical real world advice. So far I've been getting nice results using default DNG, also BMD Film settings in a rec709 (non ACES) workflow. People on Youtube like 'Crimson Engine' are helpful because they are testing all kinds of different combinations and discussing the results. If there is anyone else doing that I'd be happy to know. This thread has been very helpful too.
  17. Phase One has also never supported a Sigma camera in Capture One. They are niche products unfortunately.
  18. For the record, I have been very happy using the FP in Resolve, either using the Cinema DNG default or BMD Film setting in the camera drop down on the colour page. I actually haven't encountered anything jarring or defective. It's been super easy to drop the footage in, grade it and export. If you are going to stress test Resolve with your FP footage, then yes, I'm sure you can find fault. But just as an editor and colour grader for normally balanced footage out of the FP, using 12bit or 10bit 4K I think it's absolutely fine. In order to get the nasty blotchy colour shift we were discussing earlier I had to take perfectly well balanced footage and increase the gamma and gain way beyond anything I would need.
  19. Just one with detail in the corners would do. My pre-asph looks swirly in the far corners even at F8. I wonder if adapter has an impact. I'm using a Novoflex, not the most expensive, but not cheap either.
  20. You start on the import page. Browse your hard drive for the camera footage folder. Open it, then drag all the individual sequence folders on to the Resolve media window. Resolve automatically creates single continuous clips for you, not hundreds of DNGs. There are great free tutorials on Youtube - Ripple Training, Avery Peck, Casey Farris, Color Grading Central, The Modern Filmmaker and BMD themselves. Lot's of get going in Resolve fast type content. It's actually pretty easy to create a graded image without using a LUT.
  21. FWIW, three M lens shots (DNG) at f4. 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. There are older 1987-92 era lenses, pre-asph. Focus is at infinity. Both the 28 and 35 show smear in the corners at f4. Even trying to expose correctly using the FP light meter and histogram, I can comfortably drop my shots 1 stop in Capture One. Without any FP profile in CO, and no colour correction myself, the default is a bit bluish/purple in the shadows imo.
  22. Here's two DNG (not FP jpegs), Elmarit 28mm f2.8 lens. First image shot at f8 ISO100, no processing or lens correction, no colour correction in Capture One except tiny exposure balancing. Second is f4 at ISO100, again no correction or processing. Both times focussing at infinity. The f4 looks soft in the corners. I think my 35mm f2 Summicron is a better lens, and smaller.
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