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  1. If you have After Effects open, close it, along with any other Adobe products. I don't know if this is your issue, but I find if I have after effects open or any adobe programs open when rendering, it makes my projects slow to a crawl due to the shared ram. (I have 32 gigs so I don't know what it would do to people with less.)
  2. I'd say you could buy one without HDR support, Though most cameras can already do HDR. The thing with HDR is that the industry is still trying to catch up a bit I'm finding. If you edit in Premiere, you can't really even grade for HDR unless you export it to Resolve (Premiere viewports only support up to 120IRE and apparently doesn't add the HDR Flag in the metadata), then there's the fact that barely anyone has HDR monitors to grade with. On top of that, there's a lot of youtube tutorials of people who think they are doing HDR and teaching how to do it when in reality they have no idea of what they are talking about. Camera body's come and go, and if you're going to buy a new camera within three years, you don't really need HDR. If you're going to keep the camera body for a long time, then it'll be worth it, But SDR won't be phased out for a long long time. Master SDR Rec 709, and then you'll have a much better-starting ground for HDR when it becomes more standardized.
  3. I just got around to downloading the files today from the email, but I think I'm missing some stuff, I don't see LogC, Main, Linear or any of that stuff. Edit: Nevermind, I found it in another download
  4. Starting around 1:49 the rest is from the GHA
  5. Im running into an odd issue, When I record recording with a ninja atomos now. So, Prores in Premiere. I add the Prores Pre into the Basic, then Daylight or soft in the creative. But once that is done, my levels will stop at 80 IRE, nothing will go past it.
  6. So I use the Pre and then skip the LogC conversion? I read the PDF a few times but it got lost in translation, Maybe a tutorial video would be a little more helpful.
  7. Ugh, I think I'm doing something wrong now. Maybe I was doing it wrong the whole time. In premiere I put the GHa Daylight (LogC) into Basic Correction, Then in creative, Im putting the Pop, Main, Lut. But whats happening is my image is just lifting the gamma and not expanding at all...
  8. Thanks @JeremyDulac I've been looking for it so I could experiment with it.
  9. Does anyone know how to add the film matrix onto the image?
  10. Ah, I was thinking V-log did the corrections once taken out of Cine-D or Standard mode, I'll double check mine then. But 50% is skin tones still eh?
  11. Okay awesome, I just wanted to double check, I forgot what the numbers are, but its something like 16-235. And for some reason, my .vlt file seems to only add saturation, but no contrast. I don't know if that's just an issue with my camera though. Other than that, Exposure is the same I guess? 95% on zebras for the sky, and 65% for skin.
  12. I was reading the pdf for the cine D and saw the luminance should be set to 64-960 (Or something like that) but what am I suppose to set it for 8-Bit during VFR modes? And also, I added the .vlt for V-Log assist, but it only looks like it adds a little saturation to the picture, is it suppose to add contrast too?
  13. I'd keep it, but just so you know, the batteries do not last long, so buy a lot of those. And if you find a cable that works, you should not have any issues with it on set. But be prepared to buy the Atomos' hdmi cable since other cables might not work.
  14. For the company i work for we bought a gh5s and a ninja inferno. After countless tests we discovered the Inferno was very picky with HDMI's and just bought the Atomos version. Our first Atomos which turned out to be broken would work with the third party cables we bought, however, the issue was the recorder would just stop recording. The picture was perfect though. After trading in for a new inferno, the third party cables would just not work at all. We tried a total of about 9 cables that should have worked. The atomos one was the only one that would work. So my conclusion is that it may or may not work. Can't hurt to try though.
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