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  1. On 6/8/2018 at 1:08 PM, Drew Veeneman said:

    Hey gang, earlier this week I tested out my new Lilliput monitor as part of an old fashioned blackbird steadicam rig. This monitor is AWESOME!!! I can clearly see and pull focus with my manual lenses. The image is great when you are recording. Since this thing is so cheap, I thought I'd share it.

    Lilliput A7S 7" 1920x1200 IPS Screen Camera Field Monitor 4K


    can you test plz if you can record in full or hd at 120fps with a monitor conected?
    maybe trying with full hd and change record speed at x0.25?

  2. Hi people, im just thinking of getting the lenzhound ronin mx kit for work with the ronin mx an, nx500 with fd lens, and in a near future bmpcc 4k with rokinon cine lenses.

    what its your opionion about it? i saw some videos and looks nice how its work, specially with the belts, some ones say its a bit noisy, but as i know its work with a step motor and that is much silencer than servo motors.

    the problem is that im from chile, and here no ones have it, so i cant not test on my hands and your opinion from who have used would be nice.

    any other alternative option to this for the same price range?

    an 800$ wireless focus with ronin mx compatibility and a solo controller would be enough.


    bye and sorry for my english.

  3. i l

    12 hours ago, kye said:

    I have 700D with ML..  it's a decent setup!

    I believe the limitation of the 700D in non-crop-mode is 1728 because non-crop-mode takes every third pixel across the sensor and therefore runs out of pixels.  It's not a limitation on the SD card.

    1728 RAW upscaled to 1080 isn't bad at all, but you'll need to play with the sharpening to keep a bit of detail.

    I believe the low quality of the non-ML video from the 700D is the combination of 1728 upscaled to 1080 and then heavily compressed, making everything blurry.  With ML RAW in non-crop-mode you'll still face the same challenge as you'll likely be compressing the final output for delivery.

    My card can't do 1728 continuously, so I've used 1600 for this video:

    This was also a low light test (ISOs at up to 3200 / 6400 for some shots) so not the perfect conditions.  With 1728 you'll be able to do better in terms of sharpness and detail.

    I'm looking forward to the SD card hack being stabilised and re-released so I can get higher resolutions!

    i liked your videoo a lot, its a extremly good quality for that iso.
    hope soon will can use stable ml raw with sd hack, sound and 10-12 bit mode.

  4. 8 hours ago, Alpicat said:

    Hard to say, depends on whether someone is willing to put in time and effort to enable 1080p non crop on the eosm. If you're interested and want to help out with the development, there's a discussion about this on the magic lantern forum: https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=16608.0

    None of the digic 5 cameras can shoot 1920x1080 in non crop mode, I think only the 5D mk III can do that. Here's the magic lantern raw calculator which gives you info on the different camera resolutions: http://rawcalculator.bitballoon.com/calculator_desktop



    700d say it can shot up to 1728 without crop mode, so it will work well with the new uhs-i hack and a little of upscale?

  5. one of my favourite setups are mini dv camcorder + 35mm dof, i watched a short film about a kids playing baseball years ago shoot with a a 35mm dof adapter, its looks perfect, just like a 35mm movie record from tv cable.


  6. Hi, i been using the remote viewfinder from samsung app and work really smooth whitouth lag on my cellphone, but my 16-50 its not working anymore, so i get the error Check the lens, even with no lens release option active on nx-ks.

    so i tried mewlips rc and its work and have alot of features but i get and a really slow image with so much lag, on my pc and on my smartphone.
    i change the option of live view quality but dont change so much.

    its normal to work like that? or it should be smooth like native remote viewfinder?

    Anyone have test a cheap way to turn your cellphone or tablet into external monitor with nx500 or nx1?

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