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  1. overheating junk. good for youtubers. but no professional will buy tool that overheats. Reliability is number ONE.
  2. Im sorry, but everyone is just going to let this comment go by and not say anything? "Tony has statistically proven most people talk shite about color science." HAHAHHAHA. OK. I didn't realise Tony was so wise as to be able to do that. Someone should quickly run to Mr Deakins and tell him the goods news. I'm sure he will be grateful that he isn't bound to the alex anymore. Good thing he is shooting the next willy wonka - the A7siii will fit in just fine!!
  3. I said it before - wide discrepancies in reviews. The problem with Gerald is that he always goes above and beyond to test, and thats what he is known for - but this seems an obvious fail. Is it intentional or did he just miss it? I think a bit of both. You will see for yourself how serious he is as a reviewer with a statement like: "i will replace c300 mkiii with a7siii". This is a very juvenile statement, and you can see what kind of mind he has thinking the c300 and a7s are somehow equivalent. Perhaps for the use in youtube studio it is so. He knows a7s will sell better through his affiliate links than c300. Must continue to hype as "perfect camera". Meanwhile, he shows few seconds of actual footage (not shot by him), which looks like camcorder footage.
  4. This looks horrible. No different to any a7iii footage you see out there, but worse even. It's got good paper specs though.... This is perfect video for this camera as well - travel, youtube, young people selling capitalist lifestyle. People will click on it because they like the camera and specs and marketing bs. But no professional can use this overheating in 24p. Just like the canon turd. But at least with canon, you spend 2000 more and get c200 with nd, raw, audio input, etc. Youtube and vloggers like small form factor the most, and want to sell to you even though it overheat crap.
  5. The fact that it overheats in 24p outside makes it a deal breaker for most professionals. In the aussie sun I imagine even more so haha. Thats all I am saying. It might be a technical limitation with passive cooling, but it still doesnt excuse it. But for a personal camera, this is the best there is in terms of vlogging, travel videos, youtube. Even events work this will be very good. But if I am a working professional and need a small form factor I need it to be reliable above all, which is where the s1h comes into it. Plus it is missing some key professional features like exposure tools and DCI among others.
  6. This is not a professional tool. I'm sorry, but if it overheats then it cannot be used in a professional setting. Will be fine for youtubers and people doing stuff for personal hobby and such. But not a serious paid professional. The amount of hypocrisy in this forum is bewildering. Everyone giving it a pass left and right. Yes, it matters if it overheats only in direct sun lol. If I am shooting anywhere outside there is a good chance I will be in the direct sun, unless I confine myself to shade.
  7. some say it overheats, others say it doesn't. The guy showed the camera overheating. Not sure what more you want. The real question is when it overheats.
  8. he did a test and it showed it overheating.
  9. ye but gerald undone says there are no overheating issues. So who am I to believe??
  10. The real problem is that it doesn't even surpass products that have already been on the market for quite a while. The s1h surpasses it in many respects. For example, a7siii might have the following flaws: crap ergonomics, crap ibis, crap color, no autofocus with external recording, heat management issues in hot weather and associated recording limits, crap weather sealing, less DR, less video shooting modes, less megapixels for photo mode, less detail in 4k, crap preamps (as with a7iii), less reliable, etc. But its benefits are 4k60p and 120p and autofocus (which most pros don't rely on). Its just a bit meh.
  11. I'm sorry, I just can't get over that upside down sony when the screen is flipped out. It is so obnoxious. It's this kind of lack of attention to detail coupled with the fugly menu system that just makes me question the designers. You are right Andrew, there is no soul to this camera. At least with the S1 you get a beautifully designed, rugged body which makes you want to shoot. Pending the heat management, though, this looks like a solid corporate camera for people who care about form factor. It doesn't crush anything. The s1h is netlfix approved camera for a reason and is reliable. We are yet to see what this will do other than a puff piece. People who judge a camera just on specs make me cringe.
  12. People know the 16 bit cant be captured, right?
  13. No mention at all of s-cinetone. I just watched it and it's a puff piece. Nothing new to be learned.
  14. It is a b and h advert. They also said they couldn't get the r6 to overheat lol.
  15. This is mickey mouse reviewer. Need to wait longer for real review.
  16. Some more overheating times and tests with comparison of video shooting modes: Curiously does not test the standard 4k mode of the r5 against the a7riv. But all the other modes compare favorably for low light and detail.
  17. That's shambolic. I hope they do an update with a disclaimer to all the people they tricked with their first review making it out like it was ok, myself included.
  18. And so Panasonic are the only ones who actually take the initiative of designing a body that isn't gimped by heat. Someone needs to speak to the execs at Sony and tell them that it's ok if the body on this camera is slightly large (with internal nd). The use case for stills is minimal. They should have made it bigger. Let's wait and see what these record times really are under a hot sun, rather than ideal conditions. .
  19. I know one shouldnt care about looks, but the look of that camera is about as inspiring as a bowl of oatmeal. Reeks of mass consumer product. Lucky the looks dont matter. Here is hoping we get some footage tomorrow as well.
  20. yeah completely different lighting. Can't compare them. There only one choice if you want organic image, cinematic colors and proper motion cadence. Hint: its not the japanese ones 🙂.
  21. Looks like bog standard boring vlog footage.
  22. That's out of context. He said he got 8 min of 8k in a hot car. So he tested in less than ideal conditions. He put it in the fridge to emphasis that it did overheat.
  23. Well at least it has a 4k mode to shoot on. I think the r6 is even worse! No 4k mode without running into overheating issues lol. And its only a 20 megapixel camera! So people will only get an r6 if the video is good and it was a true hybrid (which is how they advertise it ) - but it doesn't even do that. Big-time flop.
  24. https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/07/26/tilta-cooling-kit-for-the-canon-eos-r5/ Updated statement from Matthew to be fair.
  25. Not gonna lie that tilta desgin looks nice. Now we need a whole bunch of new tests with this thing strapped to the back!
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