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  1. In my case, that I´m starting with Sony Full Frame system from 0, I will be more than satisfied if they release the 35mm (this is supposed to come soon), and I hope the 50mm prime is coming too. So before I expend my budget in the MC 11 adaptor + the same 2 prime lenses made for Canon (that I don´t have), definitely I will be happy to hold my breath for a few weeks more.
  2. I read rumors that Sigma will come out soon with the Art series lenses for Sony. Maybe it pays to be patient and see what happens before investing in its version of Canon. https://www.sonyrumors.co/category/sigma-fe-lenses/ I propose a new title for Sony users: THROW AWAY YOUR CANON SIGMA LENSES! (?)
  3. Hi Andrew, I would buy in the next weeks the Sony a7riii and I was thinking of having it with the Sony 16-35 GM, for photography and video mostly for doing stuff for the tourism sector. What´s your opinion on that lens? It´s very expensive and I´m curious about the Sigma option with the MC-11 adapter, maybe I can have two of them for the same price. But I would like to have the best quality, especially for stills. By the way, when are you coming with the ProColor version for the Sony a7riii? I have the first version, and I want to know if I buy the 3.0 then I will have to buy the ne
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