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  1. Hi all, I have attempted several times to record a clip in HLG on my Ninja V connected to my a7iii. The problem i am having is that when i import the clip and I look at my inspector in FCP X, the clip says it's a rec709 clip. I have set up the Ninja V to capture HLG in BT2020 properly via the INPUT tab (I think). What am I missing? Thanks in advance!!!1 RJ
  2. Hi all, Calling in the "big guns here". I've got a Atomos Ninja Assassin hooked up to my Sony a7iii. I'd like to recored only to the external recorder to take advantage of Face Detection in 4k recording. However, the option for "4k Output Selection" is not available (grayed out) I've tried using another cable (even though the Assassin is showing it's getting a 4k UHD signal). I can't seem to force the camera to disable recording only externally. And, yes, the camera is set to MOVIE mode.....hmmmm. I've also reset the camera to see fi this was some sort of settings problem on my end = no bueno. Anyone think they can help? Thanks in advance! RJ
  3. Noted. As a beginner, I’m sure I’ll figure out why you, and maybe others, believe this. But on another note, do I get a Helios taking lens with or without a filament since the SLR magic adapter flares already?
  4. That’s the fear that I had. A Helios 44 Woth an oval bokeh disc seems to work wonders. And since the laws of physics can’t be bent, having the disc at the aperture blades is my goal then. However, since I want to continue using my Sony lenses due to AF< Ill try a disc at the rear element just for fun, while grabbing a Helios and modding it. And I’ll also see if A used Sony FE 28mm shows up used and sacrifice it to the Gods in an attempt to mod that. Hahaha
  5. Hi all, I'm learning using my a6500, a Sony FE 28mm f2.0 and Sony 55 f1.8, and an SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33 40 Compact. It's great for a beginner like me as autofocus works, setup is pretty easy, and an external monitor desqueezes the image so I know what I'm gonna get when I take it into post. The only thing It doesn't provide is the oval bokeh (and the electric blue flares it produces are that great either). I'm tinkering with a Vid Atlantic bokeh filter placed both at the front of the Anamorphic and in between the taking lens and the Anamorphic. No go at the front. In the middle, the filter is so reflective that it produces secondary flares/relections that ruin the image. Can anyone help bring this Franken-Setup to life LOL? Should I sand down the bokeh filter to make it less reflective? Should I try to put the filter on the rear element of the taking lens like a cinemorph filter mod? Thanks in advance! RJ
  6. Hi, Eric. I’ve been bitten by the bug too, and for the past several weeks have been guided so we’ll by this forum and the YouTube channels like Tito’s. Like the photography boom that happened when DigitalRev and TCS got big, the same thing seems to be happening with anamorphic. The people here are definitely helpful and knowledgeable. For me, I wanted to get in with the easiest possible setup, even though I trend towards overspending on things beyond my skill level. So I purchased a SLR Magice, too. Anamorphot 40 Compact. Stuck it on my A7Rii with a Sony 28mm 2.0 and I’m up and running. I had to shoot either in APS-C mode or just clear focus zoom to deal with the vignetting. My SmallHD focus desueezes the footagI’ll cut my teeth and learn with this setup and then I’ll follow you with double focus systems with maybe a single focus solution when I save the money for that. Looking forward to see what direction you go and where it takes you RJ
  7. @[email protected] @webrunner5 Thanks for continuing the thread. The buy in is indeed high, using the Elmoscope I or Kowa 16/d/s seems reasonable at least. I really do feel grateful that you guys chimed in!
  8. So even an Elmoscope I and not the II, huh? Options are good. Research time!!!
  9. The white whale is out there indeed, but I want to shoot in the meantime. While tempted to go SLR magic for ease of use. I’m heading towards the smaller adapters, add a single focus soslution, and learn until the holy grail appears.
  10. Thanks for the insight. I must be doing something wrong. My only experience is with eBay, so I can't think of another auction site where this might happen. However, I'll hunt around for more marketplaces and I might get lucky.
  11. Hi, Learning a lot from this site and the various YouTube channels associated with people that post here and elsewhere. My question is about buying on eBay - and all the increases in prices and scarcity of choices - vs. going with the "newer" offerings from Isco. I feel the vintage lenses are increasing in price for lots of reasons. But as someone who is coming into the game later, is biting the bullet and paying top dollar for a trusted piece of glass worth the premium over the Iscos that are so readily available at almost half the price? I've already ruled out the SLR Magic Anamorphot+Rangefinder combo as the falling is too much for my taste. I'd like to shoot on my a7Rii (in s35) and a6500. Thanks in advance for any advice! RJ
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