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  1. Hi I'm desperately looking for a VM Anamorphic Lens 1.5x. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Eric
  2. Hi there, have anyone of you guys heard of 'SOLA' anamorphics before? Saw some on the german eBay, but couldn't find any information about them ....
  3. Hello, sorry for interrupting: Can someone please confirm if it is possible to monitor the GH5 in anamorphic mode (in 4k not 6k) on an external monitor via hdmi? No extra recorder needed? Thanks in advance.
  4. Is it true that you can monitor the GH5 in anamorphic mode in 4k with any external monitor? But not in 6k.
  5. Hi, there never came a firmware update out which allows hdmi out or record in 1080p right? Annoyed of it.. have you found a workaround?
  6. Hi everyone, for several weeks now I am tending to buy an anamorphot. As there are quite a few differences between all of them I am bit overwhelmed by them. I am shooting in ASP-C. For the taking lens I either have the SIGMA 30mm 1.4 or the Helios 44-2 58mm. So have you got any recommendations for beginners like me? I've seen the Hypergonar HiFi 2 on eBay which is quite cheap but more than heavy. And it requires double focusing - which would not be a problem for me - by now. As I am not interested in shooting on a tripod I'm looking more for a lighter one. I want to use it on my steadicam or handheld. Should I give the Hypergonar a try as my first anamorphot? Anyone got experience with it? Haven't seen any suitable clamp for it.. probably as it's just to heavy or? Thanks in advance, Eric
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