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  1. Hello, I'd like to buy a compact camera but really compact, my budget is 900 euros max. I did research about it but I didn't know much about it because I don't have experience with compact cameras to make videos in 4K. The camera must have a tilting LCD and a zoom more than 3X, even if it is a bit more. But I'd like a camera that makes good videos, with good quality. Thanks so much for some info.
  2. Hi, can you recommend me a good compact camera to make 4K videos? My budget is max 500 euro. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. I take a lot of interest about "Like 709" because I tink it is a very good profile and I'd like to ask some questions please: 1) What difference do you see between "Natural" profile and "Like 709" profile? 2) With "Like 709" profile is it easy to change the chromatism on the clips in post-prodution like with "Natural" profile? I think "Like 709" profile has more contrast and more difficult to work with the chromatism. 3) I'd like to try your "Like 709" settings but I am not able to see the right steps on the Menu. I have only set knee Point 80 and slope 99. But I don't understand where is luminance level and master pedestal level. Then I don't understand what it means /0/-5/-5/-2/0. I thank you for your info.
  4. Ok, I have just decided, I will use "Natural" profile with a polarize filter on the GH5 lens. Now I'm looking for a good polarizer filter with front filter threads so that I can attach a rubber lens hood. I use Leica 12-60 lens. Do you have some suggestions? I thank you.
  5. Then in my country there is always cloudy sky in this time and I can't make good tests.
  6. Why do you think I didn't make it? I made this post because I don't notice differences. I hope you know between the tests and real shots there is an ocean in the middle..... and if Panasonic put these profiles it mean there are some differences albeit minimal. I have GH5 for a very little time and I can't to appreciate those minimal differences compared to people are using GH5 for more time. I hope my answer is satisfactory.
  7. Yes Jon, in my language there isn't "Cinelike D" but" Dynamic Range Cinelike". They are the same thing. In fact when I choose english language Menu shows "Cinelike D". I'm sorry but I don't use Leeming LUT and I'm undecided if I will shoot in "Cinelike D", "Natural" or "Come709". It seems to me that all three are good, but which of the three are better suitable for modifying colors in post production?
  8. With "Cinelike D" do you mean "Dynamic range Cinelike"? Right? Is it better to shoot in "Cinelike D" because it's harder to burn the colors or is it easier to adjust colours in post-production?
  9. Hi, I'm here again to ask a question. If I have to shoot at a very sunny area, with sheer sun and earth colored red, without trees and without shaded areas, in this hard scenery is it better to shoot with Natural profile or Dynamic range Cinelike or Video Cinelike? In my country there is PAL system but I'd like to shoot in 59,94p UHD. Thanks for your suggestions.
  10. Hi, I hope to get some suggestions because I'm totally inexperienced on this matter. I don't have any experience with box players. I'd like a really powerful, immediate and dedicated device to watch my videos in UHD that I shot with my camera and I edit with Edius 9. They are heavy files 150mbps UHD files. My Sony 65" doesn't work fine. I don't care about TV. I don't take interest about TV, only for my video. I would like to use the box with Kodi or similar software. I'm thinking about: Vero 4K osmc, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, MINIX Neo U1. But maybe I can make an error buying one of them. I like above all a very good image quality I can get and a powerful hardware. What could I buy? I like also to get a very goos image quality. Thank you for some info
  11. Is there a software like Kodi? Hi friends, I love Kodi but I regret because I have to leave Kodi and to use another difefferent software. In fact I am using a new camera to make documentaries and Kodi doesn't work. I think the file is too much heavy for Kodi. Now I make UHD 50p 150Mbps. I have a Sony Bravia 65" with 3-4 software and every softare reads those files perfectly but Kodi reads them in not fluid way and jerky. I don't watch TV with Kodi, I watch only my documentaries. Now I tell you what is important for me: I have many documentaries in a HDD and Kodi put all the titles in a row on one page (screen). This is the most important thing for me. I need a software that reads UHD well and that shows all the titles of my UHD documentaries. Thanks for some info.
  12. Emanuel, your words are good. I'm noticing you are an expert guy. I sent you a PM.
  13. Out of curiosity: do you like more a video documentary shot in 25p 10bit or 50p 8bit?
  14. I use always Kodi to watch my UHD videos shots with Sony AX100. But now I use GH5 and Kodi get problems to reach those UHD files. I configured the GH5 with UHD 59,94p 150Mbps. I use always Edius 9 and I get the file with the same steps that I have always made. Now I'm looking for another program that replace Kodi. I love Kodi but it fell down. Unfotunately I can watch every UHD video shot with the previous videocamera but not with the new camera. Maybe Kodi get problems with high bitrates. I have also to unistalled Kodi and installed it again on my Android Sony TV but I get always the same problem. Video is jerky. What a pity! Now I'm asking all you a suggestion: in my hard drive I have many UHD videos. I cataloged them with the number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. etc and Kodi lets see all titles in a row on one page. Do you know another software that lets see all the titles like Kodi, so that I can click on a title and watch it. I use the program ONLY to watch my UHD videos. Thanks for your precious advice.
  15. Not only that missing audio on the early part but many other problems. I use the internat mic. On another forum a guy sent me a clip shot with his GH5 and there the same my problem. ON EVERY clip there a “crunching sound” one second or less than one second before the clip finish. On every clip there is this problem. But not only it. I have many “crunching sound” even in the central part of every clip. I'm very disappointed from GH5.
  16. Npw I'm very worried because I'm getting some strange problems. I hope it's a GH5 settings problem. I started making the first video editing with Edius 9 and I noticed that all the clips on the timeline have the initial part no audio tracks (less than half a second). There are no waves and you don't hear any sound (completely silent).Then as far as audio is concerned, I sometimes hear a crunching sound like it is due to an electric shock. and I also see it on the audio wave. I'm shooting in UHD at 59.94p and 150mps. What could be my problem? Do I have to be worried?
  17. A last question please. I have ND 8 filter. Do you suggest to leave it always on the lenses during the day?
  18. noooo, you are right. But I already have ND 8 filter and a light for the night. Can you tell me if I can make the manual WB using the reflector like a gray card? I don't understand it. Can you suggest a precise brand of that reflector please?
  19. A reflector??? Where will I make the manual WB? Maybe can I do it on the riflector? I think you don't understand my work, I'm sorry. Sometimes I have to walk for some hours in the bush or in the rainforest. I often am in the village to rec. their daily life but in . But the problem is in the village I go in many places and I cant take with me always the reflector ot a big gray card. What is your opinion about ExpoDisc? Did you never use it?
  20. Maybe I said and I say stupidities because I don't know well the mechanism of the camera. I'm using a camera for the first time. I'm sorry for it. If you are telling me to set Kelvin manually to 5500K, maybe I can choose the preset of daylight. It will be easier for me. I'd like but I can't shoot Cinelike D mode because I setted my GH5 on 4K 59,94p 150mbp. For this reason the writing Cinelike D is disappeared. I like to understand: why to shoot in Cinelike D mode if it has more dynamic range than natural?
  21. I thank you a lot for your precious suggestions. I need to be more precise on the description. I am a lonely traveller and nobody can help me to make the WB. I make only UHD videos with GH5 and Leica 12-60, I don't make photos. I usually reach remote areas and I make shots about indigenous peoples in their villages. I film their daily life. I usually shoot in the village (outside) but inside their huts too without electricity. All my places have usually the red ground like fire. If I shot with a videocamera (Sony AX100) in automatic automatic WB, it goes crazy and looks drunk. All the clips all have bad dominants and the chromatism isn't good. I only make videos, I has always used videocameras and now I'd like to use GH5. I will travel with it for the first time. Do you think its automatic WB works better than my Sony AX100 videocamera? Anyway I'm thinking also of ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter. What is your thought please? Your pics are perfect. PS: I think I will shoot in "Natural mode" but with contrast -2 and definition -2 and manage the colors of the clips in post production.
  22. Thanks for your news. I find them very useful. Another question please: I never made manual white balance with the G5. I'd like to buy this gray card: https://www.amazon.it/Kaavie-bilanciamento-impermeabile-portatile-staccabile/dp/B00L1R0B1O/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1518039796&sr=8-15&keywords=cartoncino+bilanciamento+del+bianco I will use it in my trips in Africa but it seems really a small size. Do I have to keep it with my hand or can I put it on the ground? How can I use it if I'm always alone? Thank you.
  23. Your reply is very useful. I thnak you. Therefore how you would set the lower limit and upper limit? I chose 200 ISO and 800 ISO. Do I have to change those ISOSs?
  24. Two questions please, I need to understand better since I've always used only videocameras for many years. Is it better to film at 400 ISO or put 200 ISO on a full sun day in the African sun? In the GH5 there are 2 buttons: in the instructions, a button called 'shutter button' and the other 'video button' (I don't have english manual). Can you tell me the difference? I make only videos with my GH5 and I have always used the button 'shutter button' because it is much more comfortable. The other one is terribly uncomfortable. In other words, I use the "shutter button" to shoot. It is a lot more comfortable, also because it sets focus before shooting when I click half button. I would be curious to know if I have done everything wrong until today. I attach the image. The buttons in question are numbers 11 and 9. Thanks
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