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  1. Hi, I'm sorry for my urgency but in 2 days I have to buy a monopod in carbon fibre (for video) and without 3 small legs at the bottom. It is a good brand and I have to buy a monopod with 2 options. The one with 6 sections or with 5 sections. I will use it in countryside and not in town. I never used a monopod, thanks for your suggestions.
  2. But it is impossible to buy it from Europe in 10 days. I'm thinking about Vary-i. I always shoot in sunny days and I'd like some help. Do tou know Vary-i? https://vary-i.com/ I'd like to buy only VARY-i solo for the GH5/GH5s. Is it useful? I already know it is useful but I'd like to know info from users. I thank you for your info. I bought gimbal Zhiyun Crane Plus oe week ago for my GH5 and after 2 days I sold it. I never I threw so much money badly like this time. My GH5 has: Leica 12-60mm + ND variable filter and Zhiyun Crane Plus cant manage that long lens. Many times the lens clashed with the arms of the gimbal. It is a big pain.
  3. Friends, I need to find a solution for my GH5. I am going to Africa where there are sunny days. Many times I shoot with the camera at the hips and I can't see inside the EVF. I was thinking to buy Vary-i loupe for GH5, but before I need to know your experiences with it. It is a little expensive and I don't like to throw away money. I know GH5 LCD screen has worse resolution than the EVF and it is only 800 x 600 pixels. Could you give me some real suggestions please?
  4. Has anyone ever used a viewfinder like this "GGS Swivi S5" in sunny days? It might be useful for my GH5?
  5. Can anyone tell me if there is a very light tripod with the same head of the Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal? I'll get the gimbal in 2 days and I still don't know what head will it have. I'm asking this question because I will often have to remove my GH5 from the gimbal and put it on the tripod. Thanks x some info.
  6. Hi, I bought the SLR Magic Reflex Mark II 62mm ND filter for my GH5. I'm a lot satisfied with it and I'd like to protect it with a lens hood. In fact, the front lens is very protruding and in my travels in the forest I will certainly go to spoil it. Can anyone suggest what leans hood I can buy? Thank you for your suggestions.
  7. Hi, I have just bought a Zhiyun-Tech Crane Plus. I will get it in some days. I will use the gimbal only with the GH5 and Leica 12-60mm. Especially in wide angle lens or with a light tele. Out of curiosity I need to ask some questios because I'm absolutely inexperienced about gimbal. In August I will make my first serious UHD documentary in Africa (but not in the cities). How often do you use the gimbal every day? Yes, I know it might seem like a stupid question. But I would like to know if I can keep the GH5 on the gimbal all day. I need advice from experienced people please. I will not even have a few minutes for rest because I will shoot everything that appears in front of me from morning to night. But could the video annoy those watching the video, when they see all those movements used so often with the gimbal? I have no idea how to use a gimbal. Can you give me some advices please? THANKS for your suggestions.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion, I will almost always shoot outdoors on sunny days with a gimbal and the GH5. Do you think it may be useful for a sunshade for LCD? I have no experience with this. Does anyone use it? Thanks for some info.
  9. I have just purchased Zhiyun crane plus.
  10. Hello, I noticed a very strange thing: yesterday for the first time I removed the Leica 12-60mm and mounted the lens Lumix G Vario 14-140mm. Well I must say that with the lens Leica 12-60mm I have absolutely no stabilization as good as with the Lumix G Vario 14-140mm. Even with higher zoom the Lumix G Vario is much more stable. These buttons are on "On", therefore they are enabled. Why does this happen to me? Even when I film with the wide angle of Leica, I notice that nothing is fluid. Maybe I configured something wrong in the Menu? However the Manual is very bad. The fact is if I will use the Leica less and less for the benefit of the Lumix G Vario. In the Menu of my GH5 I see the "Operating mode" deactivated. Why? Can you help me to configure that Menu? This is what I see in the Menu:
  11. You put me in a lot of trouble. ahahaha. I will think about it. I thank you a lot to for making me open my eyes. Anyway do you know some other smaller mechanical tteadycams?
  12. I don't have problems for the batteries because I will have many of them with me. But if you suggest for a mechanical Steadycam it is OK for me but it has to be lighter and smaller than the electronic ones but that gimbal in the link is big and heavy.
  13. Hi, I'd like to buy a sdeadycam for my GH5 because I can't do any good movement with GH5 because the video isn't fluid but a bit jerky. I will use it only in my trips. Can you recommend a very light but effective steadycam for my GH5? Thanks
  14. Do you know it: http://www.leeminglutone.com/ Do you have experience wiith it? If I'd like to use this Leeming LUT, will I get better result with Cine D or V-LogL or Hybrid Log Gamma? In your opinion is it possible to get better results shooting "Hybrid Log Gamma" profile and to apply that LUT in post or shooting "Natural" and adjusting a bit colors in post?
  15. I accidentally did a test with the GH5 with the "Hybrid Log Gamma" profile. It's a very flat and faded profile that seems like vlog. Then I added the "Primary Color Correction" filter to the clip on Edius Timeline clip and the miracle appeared as if by magic. I got a very good, almost excellent image in a tenth of a second. Of course, then you can change the color as you wish on that image obtained. Have you ever made this test? Is it convenient to shoot with that profile? I could never imagine that I could get that quality with just one mouse move. I also tried to add "Primary Color Correction" to other clips I shot with other profiles, but nothing happened. They don't even see that filter. That filfer seems to have been procreated for the "Hybrid Log Gamma" profile.What do you think about it?
  16. Out of curiosity: what could it happen if I shoot 50p 8bit and I make video editing at 25p? Will my documentary look like it was shot at 25p? Will it be like a real film? Thanks.
  17. tonysss, Last questions please. For me they are very important. When I shot "Like 709" with those settings I get a bit veiled with white clips and a little faded. Ok, it is normal. I use Edius 9 to make videoediting, what do you exactly increases in post to improve quality of those clips? What filters do you use to get the best results? "Like 709" is setup to get close to what a HD broadcast camcorder and my question is: In your opinion does it make sense to prefer "Like 709" profile if I shoot UHD. I only use UHD. PS: Out of curiosity: did you make some tests also with HLG profile (Hybrid Log Gamma)? I think it is a good profile too. Thanks
  18. tonysss, I take a lot of interest too about "like 709" profile after your suggestions and I'd like to do some tests. I hope you can help me again because I don't know if I understood everything about what you wrote me. I speak a little english. In the meantime I made changed somenìthing in my Menu. I put: Master Pedestal Level + 10 Luminance level 16-235 and about "Like 709" settings I put Sharpness = -5, NR = -5, Saturation = -2. Look at the pic of my attacment please. Then I put POINT-80 SLOPE-99. Do I have to change something else in the Menu? I thank you for your reply. Do you think "Like 709" is OK even shooting black people in a remote areas and environment with red earth and a lot of light like in Africa? I'm not still expert about GH5, do you think it better to shoot 25p 10bit or 50p 8bit my documentaries? THANKS
  19. tonysss, thanks for your pleasant suggestions. These days I'm testing a lot "Natural" and I like it because is giving me good chance in post. I know "like 709" so little and I'd like to so some tests with it. I don't understand what you men with "Luminance level 16-235,  master pedestal +10". Do they refer to "like 709" settings? As you have a lot of experience more than me with GH5, I need your suggestion please. I will make my first UHD documentary in black Africa. I will shoot customs and traditions of native peoples in remote areas. Sometimes people are in the village to make some work but many times they go away and they walk fast or run outside village. I don't have time to study v-log, etc. etc. I'm thinking to shoot 50p 8 bit (UHD). I don't take interest to sell them but I take interest only to make the best documentaries with the means that I have at that time. Do you think to shoot "like 709" is better than "Natural" for my documentary? Thanks for your suggestions.
  20. If you should choose between the two options, would you shoot "like 709" or "Standard"?
  21. Sure, I agree and I'm sorry my poor english.
  22. I make an example: Some days ago I made some tests with my GH5 and I shot also with f10 but an expert friend of mine noticed a loss of quality of the image. He told me maybe I got a bad image because I used f/10 and on m4/3 and it is a bit too much. He told me that on m4/3 the f/10 is equivalent to having f/20 on FF (x2) He added "on my little LX100 I do not go over f / 5.6 to get the max quality". So I don't want the loss of sharpness due to too closed diaphragms that gives diffraction. For this reason I'm asking what if the best otion about iris for a m4/3 camera. Thanks
  23. Since this is a GH5 forum, I'd like to ask a question after other questions I asked here. If I want to make a good 4K video in a sunny day, which is the ideal exposure shooting 25p and 50p? I mean: are f4 and 1/50 shooting 25p and f4 and 1/100 shooting 50p the ideal exposures? Thanks
  24. But if I shoot in 4K 50p, do you suggest 1/100 and the aperture between around 5.6-11. Is it ok? What do you think to choose Automatic ASA?
  25. Hi, I have GH5 from little time. I will use it in semiautomatic mode to make 4K videos. I'd like tot know if it better to choose "A" or "S" mode. I will use the GH5 always outside where there is a lot of light (in summer). In your opinion is it better "A" or "S" mode option to get a better video quality? Thanks.
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