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  1. Very similar lens to the Century Optics, Optex and Generics Anamorphic 1.33x Adapters.

    Refer to GOOGLE search for test footage, there is maybe two videos on this lens.

    But performs closer to that the Optex does forutnately

    For sale: Sony VCL-W169 1.33X Anamorphic Lens 52MM Rear thread Single focus

    Hey, all, I have a fairly rare sony anamorphic lens for sale that I no longer need. Just got out of curiousity.

    Works from 30MM-85MM just great on full frame. Single focus and fairly sharp f2.8 and up.


    Located in San Diego, but can meet in Los Angeles or ship if paid with Zelle.



  2. For sale - set of lightly used 4x4 filters. Great for photography. I've owned these filters for years and they have been neatly stored in my gear closet with little use. 3 of the filters have signs of use / damage. As referenced in the pictures and the description. Comes with the handy padded carrying case. 



    Paypal ready

    Filters are:

    TIFFEN ND .3
    TIFFEN Polarizer (damaged corner)
    TIFFEN 812
    Rezinar Star 4PT 2mm
    Rezinar Star 4PT 4mm
    Rezinar Star 6PT 2mm
    Rezinar Star 6PT 2mm
    Rezinar 85 N3
    Rezinar 85 N6
    Rezinar 85 N9 - Curved scratch from lens
    Rezinar Diffusion 1
    Rezinar Diffusion 2
    Rezinar Diffusion 3
    Rezinar Coral 1
    Rezinar Coral 2
    Rezinar Coral 3
    Rezinar Coral 4
    Rezinar Coral 5

    Mostly great condition! Tiffen Polarizor has a crack in one corner, Rezinar 85N9 has a curved scratch from touching a lens, and the Rezinar 85N3 has some slight scratches on one edge. All other filters are in used but working condition. Some might have very, very fine cosmetic scratches that don't effect use.










  3. Hey, all I am testing waters for my bolex 16/32. In good condition, has really slight imperfections dust/coating mark on the lens but doesn't affect the image quality at all. No cracks/fungus/deep scratches.

    Has the rapido mount which is 67MM but included is a 52MM adapter. Front thread is 62MM

    I used this mainly on a Sony A7S Mark II 50MM Full frame and 35MM in APS-C while shooting 16:9.

    Really nice lens, it can close focus to 1M with no diapoters which works for most cases.

    I just don't use this specific anamorphic as much unfortunately and possibly could be used by someone else?

    Included is a 62MM Variable ND filter for free

    Make me some offers.




  4. Just now, Matthew Hartman said:

    That's one thing, but you also have to consider other follow focus systems out there as well. I mean. don't get me wrong, you have the right to price it anyway you want to. I just personally think it's a heavy price tag in relation to depreciation and cheaper/newer/streamlined systems on the market.

    Nonetheless, I hope you're successful with the sale and get what you feel you deserve.

    Dude you're saying it's overpriced, then do you think its value is? If you know bartech, it's not just any remote follow focus. 

  5. Hey, all I have a Bartech Analog wireless follow focus for sale that I do not need. I received it in a camera package that I purchased. Everything works great, I just had to order a new antenna for the transmitter (Not pictured but will be included). Has single operator remote to velcro onto a gimbal or handheld etc.

    Asking $3000 can meet in LA or ship

    1x Bartech Reciever/Remote
    1x Bartech Transmitter
    1x M-one Motor
    1x 2pin lemo for Steadicam
    1x 2pin lemo to XLR
    1x Remote control for gimbal/steadicam/etc for single operator control
    1x 19MM offset and 15mm adapters for everything

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