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  1. Both Sold.. Also Kowa sold for 1400.00. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hardcore DNA is sold.. Kowa and FMJ still avail.
  3. Check my new post.. I have an 8z in mint.
  4. I have a Kowa 8Z that I was planning on using for a project however are renting lenses instead. This is prob the best condition Kowa 8Z you will find. We purchased 2 for the film and this was the Pristine one. Not a mark scratch or anything on the lens elements (no dust, fungus etc) The casing is nearly perfect as well as is all the lettering. It was on an projector that was never used since it was purchased NOS. If you want a perfect Kowa this is your chance. 1100US with shipping and insurance. US only. Email me at [email protected] or comment below with questions. I also have a Rectilux Harcode DNA Brand New along with a FMJ jacket if anyone is interested. The Hardcore DNA would be the same price I paid for it.
  5. Email me at [email protected] def want this lens and im in AZ @Nocturnes
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