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  1. When you film in F-Log can the monitor and evf display the image in rec 709?
  2. BjornT

    GH5S or X-T3?

    Thanks guys I appreciate the comments. Gonna give it another think and see if I can find an X-T3 in a store here in Berlin and see if I can have a play with it before I propose to my boss. Bigger sensor and better autofocus are big pros and it would be 1000 euros cheaper buying the X-T3 with a kit lens as opposed to GH5S with 12-35 F2.8 so that is money that can be spent on lights and grip equipment. Also good to hear that audio circuits are good. I guess my overall concern is the body difference. GH5S is very versatile and durable with good battery life, unlimited recording and full fat hdmi connection. My GH5 has never failed me and with HLG or VLOG and using something like @Sage alexa conversion one can achieve a very cinematic image (I will grade everything I produce). For insurance reasons they dont want me using my own equipment so if I use stuff as B cam its my own risk. Has XT-3 users found it reliable so far? No overheating issues a la sony?
  3. Looking to buy a video tripod for a GH5 for under 1000 euros. Any recommendations? Thinking of Sachtler Ace GS but maybe there is a good manfrotto option? Any lovely members out there with recommendations? Want a good sturdy tripod, does not have to be travel light.
  4. @DaveAltizer Any chance you could post links to those cheaper leds you were talking about? Looking for some decent cheap lighting.
  5. BjornT

    GH5S or X-T3?

    Cheers everyone. Seems GH5 and XT-3 are very similar in low light and Dynamic Range (with a slight edge to XT-3). Recon I will suggest GH5S as primary option as battery life, unlimited recording time, lcd screen and waveforms are big pros as well as xlr adapter so I can do wireless lav and shotgun mic at same time, and I am used to it having used the GH5 for a year. The autofocus is the big pro point of the XT-3 though. Maybe I can persuade them to buy both!
  6. BjornT

    GH5S or X-T3?

    Started a new job heading up the video side of a company and been asked to compile a list of equipment to buy (budget not set in stone but for camera around 1500-2500 euro range). Im thinking either GH5S or X-T3. Currently own a GH5 and love it but thinking GH5S for the extra low light. The job is for a furniture company so will be shooting a lot of social media advertising as well as testimonials, behind the scenes and the occasional team events so ideally a good all rounder. The bigger sensor and better autofocus is the big plus over GH5S I believe but understand battery life is worse on X-T3 and wondered if people think its as good all-rounder as the GH5S? Does anyone know which is better in lowlight? Best Dynamic Range? How is the audio circuits in the X-T3 vs GH5S? Planning on using the rode wireless lav kit with the camera and thought GH5S might be better in this regard but maybe Im wrong. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
  7. Hi guys, I was just wondering what monitor display settings people use on their GH5. I shoit in either HLG (with mode1 lut) or Cine-D as picture profiles. The standard settings are way too bright and contrasty compared to what it looks in Resolve so was just curious if anyone here would like to share their settings. Even though I use the waveform for exposure it would be nice to match as much as possible
  8. @hyalinejim Is the Alexa Wide Gamut to Alexa X-2 conversion LUT you are mentioning the same as the Arri Alexa LogC to Rec 709 that comes with Resolve or is it a different lut?
  9. Shot this on the Leica 12-60 in HLG profile (ALL-I, 1080, 50FPS) with a Gorilla Pod. Gotta love that weather sealing!
  10. Used to Premiere Pro and also have to use when editing for certain companies but will definitely do a project from start to finish in resolve at some point.
  11. I am on a mac in this case but even if I use proxies editing won't I have the same issues when going to resolve with mixed framerates? Every 60fps clip I have I conform to 25fps within premiere pro thus the clip gets longer and when sending to resolve it cant find the right in and out points of the clip. I have found no way round that with xml,edl or proxies so far.
  12. Thanks for your feedback everyone. I do use xmls if my frame rate is the same but with mixed frame rates you dont get the correct in and out points of the clips in resolve when using xml from premiere pro. Searched online and didn't seem to be any answers except importing timeline as one file. Glad to hear that when re-encoding prores that quality loss is rare and if so negligible so can probably stick with my workflow. Cheers Bjorn
  13. Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster and wanted to see what peoples workflows are when roundtripping from premiere pro CC to Resolve 14 with 4K footage for 1080 delivery and mixed framerates and if I could be doing it in a better way. Recently got a GH5 (Loving it). I transcode everything to 4K Prores LT and 1080P Prores HQ using editready and never use the original H264 files again (I am on resolve lite). I shoot mainly 4K 25fps, 4K 50 fps, and 1080p 25fps (VFR) and edit in premiere pro on a 1080P timeline in 25fps (final delivery is always 1080p). I stabilize, crop, zoom etc on the footage, I then export the final edit as a 1080P prores 422HQ, Import into resolve using scene cut detection, do my grade and export out a 1080P prores HQ file which I import into premiere pro and then add text and audio and then render out my final 1080P prores 422HQ file. I always did XMLs in the past but due to different frame rates the the clips won't be at the correct position in resolve so I switched to this workflow to avoid this issue. My question is do I lose quality doing it this way with all the re-encoding? Should I export a 4K prores file from premiere going into resolve instead of 1080? Is there a way of doing xml where mixed framerates play nice? Is it wise to do stabilising, zooming, cropping before grade or should I do it after instead? Didn't find the answers I was looking for on the internet so thought I would ask here. Best, Bjorn
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