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  1. no one- I dont want to be to hard on you coz you delivered, but boy,,, if you think this is a good high iso image... good sum bad news son.. blue channel is clipped no?, you shot this with Canon 24TS? really just get CONTAX 28mm f2 hollywood, take just that lens and work on your framing and composition.... but good man for delivering CTB APPROVED
  2. thanks for sharing this, will use and report back CTB APPROVED
  3. very very good advice, never work for free. pablogrollan - are you living in spain?, I didnt know that there is such jooouicy market for filmmaking, is it more Madrid or Barcelona ? maybe it's time to move south thanks for good advice, CTB APPROVED
  4. great colors from Sony A7 series ? u wat mate???? f35, f55 sure but everything else is a fiasco - including fs5 fs7 f700 oh boy, Master Andrew did great job with his colors for sony cams, but they are what they are, perhaps good for zombie movie or BW... CTB APPROVED
  5. i hope you subscribe bro, thanks for sharing for your time... CTB APPROVED
  6. fuarrrk, dats nice one bro contax 21mm is the best still zeiss ever made srs , u got sum good price for a7s coz I think it's hard to sell for more than 500e used CTB APPROVED
  7. still waiting for that 6 person metal band portrait using canon tilt shift on sony a7s... CTB APPROVED
  8. good job dave man on buying 28, 28mm is actually my favourite srs (contax f2, hnnnggg) but dat boyo needed something to fit 6 people on one shot, he was using tilt shift for that, felt bad for him and advise to get wide 21mm, dats all cuz pic of some CTBteam contax glass, mirin ? CTB APPROVED
  9. i guess it's alrite, but much better to get contax 21mm f2.8 or hollywood 28 f2, dat organic zeissy look CTB APPROVED
  10. Mattias - CTB approves your youtube channel! but think about it, where is the prestige and charisma if they outsource their sensor ? how boring nikon became... leica got KODAK to do it for them (CCD hnnnnnnngggggg) which is super cool no one should care about paperspecs, dats why canon is so cool and thats why fuji has it's mojo but nikon, sony mehhh, not to mention GOOFY nikon controls oh boy CTB APPROVED
  11. i wouldn't take less than a 1000 for a work day (even if it's spain), link to your reel vid ? keep us updated bro CTB APPROVED
  12. all you need is contax zeiss 21mm..., still waiting for that good looking stuff from a7s coz I never seen one (well unless in BW) CTB APPROVED
  13. oh boy, still then don't make their own sensor... CTB APPROVED
  14. how can we take nikon seriously if they use sony sensor ... , what is left of that once proud company... ? F3 was their pinnacle really it's seems that only canon and leica have charisma (and perhaps fuji) CTB APPROVED
  15. Agreed! 5D mk2 and mk3 are the best value really, mk2 can be had for thousand bucks brb full frame raw, mk2 has also nice signature look to it CTB APPROVED
  16. which lens is it ? examples of acceptable looking footage from a7s (coz i never seen good colors from it)? CTB APPROVED
  17. you use 9 lenses ? oh boi, all you need is contax zeiss 28mm f2.... the less you use the more creative you become iso - u wat? 12800 still remains very profesional with beautiful film grain like grain CTB APPROVED
  18. c500 has 4K RAW and 120fps - it's no brainer bro... if you don't need slow mo mk3 raw video beats both when comes to aesthetics CTB APPROVED
  19. XLR - true dat, but with shotgun on for scrap audio and external recorder (which you should ALWAYS have for pro shoots) it's alrite (its so easy to sync nowdays) 1080p raw 24p live view is perfect (even with zebras and peaking) I used mk3 raw for many many paid jobs without stress, it always worked flawless CTB APPROVED
  20. c500 is miles better than already good c300, nice that you use contax zeiss CTB APPROVED
  21. I feel your pain, gh5 would be alrite if not the sensor size that is basically is the same as in iphone camera CTB APPROVED
  22. brb robust and strong body with great ergonomic made for pros, not like sony toys brb 14 bits 4:4:4 RAW video with motion cadence of gods - AESTHETICS OVERLOAD brb easy RAW workflow, SSD > MLFS> resolve> ??? > profit (how is that any problem lol) brb COLORS! I mean lets face it, NOTHING comes close (apart of almighty Leica) brb 3,5k RAW video and probably more to come - tour over Sony and panny cameras come and go, yet big Mark remains a modern classic, in 20years I will be still producing jooouicy stuff with my Mark while all the sonys a7 mk8 will just paper specs monsters but obsolete. discuss! Pic of my battered mk3 with most zeissy glass -contax zeiss (the best there is) CTB APPROVED
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