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  1. On 6/12/2018 at 2:01 AM, Allen Smith said:


    Just tried it, ProRes is fine, I gave it a moment to produce the proxies but it's no problem whatsoever. Same with H264. What I want to do now is so a comparison between grading of ProRes and HEVC to see which one leaves more leeway. Not that it matters much, I whacked a few of the Resolve LUTS on the timeline and it could be pushed all over the place. ?

  2. Agreed. I'm still using mine after 3 1/2 years and have no reason to move to anything else. In fact I'm looking to buy another one, just in case. In my opinion Samsung are capable of producing hardware with processing power unheard of in the consumer camera market, and this is coming from someone who has been watching the market from before, during and after working for Samsung Cameras. Sales, not engineering (I wish).

    The AF on the camera is simply... reliable. I've shot all sorts with it, and the one time I thought it would fall flat on its face was when I shot for a nightclub during an EDM night in Edinburgh. Low light, lasers everywhere, smoke machines, disco balls and endless drunk people. It just keep nailing it, I would say over 95% of the time. I used the 16-50 S because it rocks. Took extra batteries, a spare flash, didn't need them.

    I never understood people's obsession with trying to whack the bitrate up to 200MB or whatever, the HEVC spec says that for Main 5.1 the max is 160MB which is the max I would use with the hack.

    They could have made huge strides sales-wise by simply marketing it better.

    The rolling shutter in 1080P is measured as one of the lowest on record. Using the picture settings lets to channel the data into a 3D space closer to what you want your output to be, in a way it's letting you direct the imaging pipeline.

    I had an Ninja Inferno I used to use with it but ended up selling as it's just not needed, plus it deactivates loads of stuff in-camera.

    It writes metadata during video (the software just didn't encode it into the HEVC files).

    I remember shooting with the NX1 and the A7rii during an opera shoot and the Sony kept back focusing, put me off the cameras. Plus I hate the ergonomics, makes me want to get it out of my hands as soon as possible.

    It's quite simply fun to shoot with and produces great results. Still have the 12-24, 45, 16-50 pz, 16-50 S and 50-150 S and the Samyang 85.

    Of course it isn't perfect, what does that even mean? It is however fantastic and probably my favourite camera I've ever used.

    P.S. During my time in camera retail I discovered it is one the most elitest snobbiest insular environments to place a product in. I'm not surprised Samsung shuttered ops.

    At least for now :-)

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