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  1. After adjusting the back focus on my lens adapter my Sigma 18-35 is parfocal. The Sigma 50-100 almost.
  2. Hi Andrew! I've read that you are planning to update the EOSHD Pro Colors 3.0 , but are you going to update the EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony a7r III / a7III too ? I've been using your EOSHD Pro LOG with the WideDR2 Lut and obtained amazing results, so I was wondering if you are going to tweak your settings to improve the IQ of the a7r III ? Thanks for you work, Emeric
  3. I'm using EOSHD Pro LOG on the Sony a7r III and the results are amazing! I've almost abandoned using my Sony for videos, but thanks to EOSHD, the camera outperform my GH5, at least for color and image quality wise...
  4. Hi Andrew! Quick questions, as I’m using multiple GH5 with Metabones for live recording, do you know if the firmware 2.0 support smooth iris ? Panasonic cameras change apertures in 1/3 steps causing visible exposure shift, while other cameras uses 1/8, allowing smooth and invisible changes. Do you have any news about that?
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