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  1. no. because samsung no longer has the camera department. You can wish one day they decide to come back. just like their computer department. was closed down 2 year ago. Samsung decide to leave computer industry. But this year they came back. released some new laptop and pc. But I think for the camera the chance is so so so slim.
  2. The samsung nx1 price is still very high on ebay market. I am quite surprised. Consider other cameras is getting less expensive. The nx1 still hold the value well.
  3. 16-50 f2-2.8 definitely. When I first using nx1, I expect the fast auto focus tracking in video is working with any samsung lens. but not the case. most lens is not really useful at all for tracking in video. only some new lens works. the 16-50 f2-2.8 is among the best one. Very similar performance to the sony a6300/6500 system. add OIS, 120p full hd. This lens is a perfect mate to nx1.
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