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  1. PL Lens Mount To Red Epic Scarlet Dragon DSMC Camera Mount Sale $255 Lens Fitting: PL mount Camera/Camcorder Fitting: RED DSMC/DSMC 2 Brand: Ironglassadapters This camera mount allows to use PL mount lenses on RED cameras. It is compatible with DSMC and DSMC 2 brain: Weapon Epic/Scarlet Dragon Scarlet -W Epic/Scarlet M-X Lens mount to Red Epic Scarlet Dragon DSMC camera mount The adapter is delivered with 4 setting screws and a key The adapter is delivered in a cover and a box SPECIFICATIONS INFINITY FOCUSING LO
  2. There is two different modifications - first with one standart diaphragm, and second with two diaphragms - oval iris with stripe in the middle plus standart(blades). First one allows you to change angle of the flare line, created on a photo. Or you can use just fixed diaphragm. So, one or two diapragms - what is the best for you?
  3. Thought it would be cool to have a place to discuss and share thoughts about this particular lens. Perfect portrait Soviet lens, KING OF BOKEH, the Helios 44-2 would probably be the most readily available and will give you the swirly bokeh you're looking for. Painted violet inside, it creates awesome anamorphic effect, despite the fact that it`s not real anamorphic lens. Did you have one or want to try it? Share your photos!
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