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  1. PL Lens Mount To Red Epic Scarlet Dragon DSMC Camera Mount Sale $255 Lens Fitting: PL mount Camera/Camcorder Fitting: RED DSMC/DSMC 2 Brand: Ironglassadapters This camera mount allows to use PL mount lenses on RED cameras. It is compatible with DSMC and DSMC 2 brain: Weapon Epic/Scarlet Dragon Scarlet -W Epic/Scarlet M-X Lens mount to Red Epic Scarlet Dragon DSMC camera mount The adapter is delivered with 4 setting screws and a key The adapter is delivered in a cover and a box SPECIFICATIONS INFINITY FOCUSING LOCATING PIN PLACED EXACTLY 45 DEGREE CLOCKWISE THE ELECTRICAL PINS ARE PROTECTED AGAINST SHORT CIRCUIT HOLDS ANY PRIME AND ZOOM WHICH DO NOT HAVE TO BE SUPPORTED PORT CAP and MOUNTING SCREW inc. 0.002mm ACCURACY MADE OF AIRCRAFT / MILITARY GRADE ALLOY BLACK ANODIZED MADE IN UKRAINE DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER DIMENSIONS Length: 3.15 in Width: 3.15 in Height: 1.6 in Weight: 0.7 lb https://ironglassadapters.com/product/pl-lens-mount-to-red-epic-scarlet-dragon-dsmc-camera-mount/
  2. There is two different modifications - first with one standart diaphragm, and second with two diaphragms - oval iris with stripe in the middle plus standart(blades). First one allows you to change angle of the flare line, created on a photo. Or you can use just fixed diaphragm. So, one or two diapragms - what is the best for you?
  3. Thought it would be cool to have a place to discuss and share thoughts about this particular lens. Perfect portrait Soviet lens, KING OF BOKEH, the Helios 44-2 would probably be the most readily available and will give you the swirly bokeh you're looking for. Painted violet inside, it creates awesome anamorphic effect, despite the fact that it`s not real anamorphic lens. Did you have one or want to try it? Share your photos!
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