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  1. I wouldn't say a stretch, its there we just have to find the right path to get it. I'm getting up with a friend on tuesday that has the GH4 with FW2.3 and we're going to capture the commands necessary to "coax" it out, haha. Options available will list the options that are cooked into that mode some that are enabled, some that are disabled.
  2. Not yet, i know some people are looking into it, but i dont know how far along they are. I'm waiting for one to come through so i can get the menu from it. Found a few other little goodies while poking around in the G7, will update tonight if i have any success.
  3. i took the liberty of unlocking all of the other extended iso. heres the file DEPLOY CINELIKE D V HUE EXTENDED ISO V3.html
  4. I have a friend who has the old GH4 FW, but if anyone wants a go at it before I'm able to meet up with him on Monday. Here's the firmware zip and the old app APK. You'll need Packet Capture to sniff the V-LOG hack so we all can have that on our non-GH cameras GH4__V23.zip com.panasonic.avc.cng.imageapp-7.apk
  5. I have a friend who has the old FW GH4. I can see if he'd be willing to help
  6. So is V-Log not achievable on the G7? I would first start off at 0 on everything or go out one day and have a test with each of the recommended settings for what works for you. For a while I used cined with -5 everything, but more or less now I use 0 on everything.
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