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  1. Suck it up and get your own copy for $179 more. $299 for what it does is worth it. Plus, so far I haven't had to pay for any further program updates.
  2. One thing I forgot to ask, does your HLG to VLOG L conversion LUT keep the wider Rec 2020 gamut of the HLG footage or is it optimizing it for the more limited Rec 709 color space, though flatter than the HLG profile? Double checking as I am trying to keep the wider color gamut intact and have no interest in converting my HLG footage to Rec 709. Thanks again!
  3. I see a LUT generator path from their site like this: Arri Log-C Wide Gamut (Source) to HDR ARRI-2100 HLG (Conversion Parameter) to 3D LUT Video (Destination Output File). File type - DaVinci Resolve. If that looks good, how would that created Arri Log-C to Arri 2100 HLG conversion LUT play with your conversion LUT scenario? It kind of makes things a bit more complicated, I know, since I would like the Arri like colors with the GH5, but maintain HLG and Rec 2020 throughout as I want to output HLG wide color content.
  4. So, you would first set Resolve to Rec. 2100 HLG for the input and output color science and then drop the HLG Pre LUT onto the footage and then a common LogC LUT to maintain Alex like colors on GH5 footage in a Rec 2020 color space from input to output? Or am I missing something? Thanks! I'm getting my head wrapped around Resolve color correcting.
  5. Will there ever be a GH5 Alexa LUT for the HLG profile whilst maintaining the profile's BT 2020 gamut range? Please and thank you!
  6. The XL can cause vignetting on some lenses given the GH5's 2x crop factor. Get the Ultra .71 version instead. The XL works on the GH4 and its greater than 2x crop factor in 4k mode.
  7. When I was at NAB the Panasonic guys teased that the camera will more than likely have an EF mount with a Super 35 sensor. It's not going to be like the AF100 that was a GH camera in a semi-pro body. The camera was under a semi-opaque cloth, but you could tell an un- adapted Canon mount lens was attached. A micro 4/3 mount and a somewhat bigger sensor does not compute. It sounds like they're going after the Sony FS5 and perhaps are adding a few more features to compete. The camera body looks to be cherry red, though it could be just to grab your attention while gawking at the prototype during trade shows.
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