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  1. Sorry, I won't be able to say anything about Canada or other markets as I worked only at London. You guys may be right about their decision for Canadian market and may already decided not to continue. That could be the reason the staff didn't know anything about NX. Samsung even never launched Galaxy Beam smartphone in the UK officially. This phone was sold and marketed in different countries. It is mostly the son of the chairman destroyed everything after the chairman was in hospital. He made a lot of changes and made us redundant. ? But, still would buy an NX2 if they ever release it or bring back the NX line.
  2. Just signed the petition today. Hope we will get firmware update for our much loved NX1 and maybe an NX2. Now it has nearly 16k signs. Whoever didn't yet please sign the petition.
  3. I would disagree with you on the points that Samsung's own store did not sell them and the employees who worked there never heard of NX1. I worked at Samsung's OWN store as a sales associate in London where we have seen the NX1 and got trained on it month before the release of this camera. I was the first person to sell the NX1 on the launch day. I bought the NX1 (display unit) that was being used in the store as training purposes by us and to show customers after the store shut down on December 23rd. I'm still using it and I bought another NX1 just few months ago to use it as backup or B-cam. Used the NX1 last month on a wedding. The footage came out astonishing. I also had the Sony A7S II, but it was resting inside the bag most of the time. Prefer to shoot with the NX1 more.
  4. I shot at MCM Comic Con London 2017 with my NX1 + 16-50mm S lens on a monopod. Gamma DR and mostly using S curve in Premiere Pro. I'm not a professional. So, please go easy on me. Still would love to hear your critiques though. Couple of days ago used my NX1 + 16mm f2.4 lens to shot few scenes for a YouTube show of another channel using Zhiyun Crane V2. Will share the link once it's released. They still have more filming to finish.
  5. Hi SR, did you try taking the battery out for few minutes and try turning on without the battery? This should do the electric discharge (if any remaining). Might there be some sort of damage due to keep pressing the WiFi button? Maybe the button stuck and still pressing automatically? I have not faced the same issue, so can't give you exact solution.
  6. Ordered one yesterday night. Now, need to get couple of good vintage lenses. Any recommendations for some sharp and cheap lenses? Does anyone prefer Samyang f1.4 lenses over the vintage ones?
  7. Thanks OP for the nice deal info. Shame that the pro version is already sold out. Just ordered 2 standard ones yesterday with $40 shipping to the UK. UPS saying they are going to deliver the package on Thursday. I like their fast shipping.
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