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  1. Hahaha! I happened to notice it only because my hand started smelling and that’s when I figured out it was the camera. Very weird
  2. Any speed boosters u can recommend? Will AF work with these ?
  3. Hi folks. I am a recent convert to Fuji (from Sony). Love the color straight out of camera and am now a believer Some questions - 1. Noticed a smell from the camera once I hit record. It’s pretty strong. Saw some folks allude to this in this thread. Is this normal? 2. The one thing I really missed on the Fuji is custom user settings (which I have programmed on my a73). This allows me to quickly switch from photo to 4k@24 or to FHD@60 Was a little painful switching between these modes quickly on the xt3 3. Which lens would u guys recommend for low light photography and
  4. Hey Joshua, Thanks for the great videos. I checked your youtube channel. Great stuff by you and Brandon. I wanted to pick your brain on tips for implementing orbital shots. I always struggle to keep my subject centered when i try to take an orbital shot (going around the subject). Any pointers? I presume I need to use the default follow mode? You should seriously consider making a tutorial video on how to pull off different shots using the crane
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