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  1. MFT 4:3 crop factor is x2. But what about MFT 16:9 crop?
  2. What a nice welcome to this forum jonpais... In that topic i appreciated your recommendation about sony a6xxx and didn't mean to "blow off" you or whatever. Still waiting to get a chance to test gh5 myself, but for now based on what i have seen and read its very interesting camera with proper 1080p with fast RS, IBIS, good ergonomics and that viewfinder. Big and sharp viewfinder makes filming so enjoyable. I hope Andrew is going a bit more into 1080p in he's review. Everywhere else all i see is about 4k or 180fps hd. Also waiting to see how is that ex. tele conv mode in gh5. Anyone
  3. Thanks for your recommendation. Its just that the huge sharp viewfinder, better lcd and RS performance in GH5 seems so good! And lol i didnt notice earlier: Blurry, contrasty, poorly exposed, grainy, poorly color corrected BMX videos are in fact my speciality! Just hope to get that rid of that blur :D
  4. Thinking about getting a GH5. Plan is to get a wider lens, and use it as it is + ex tele conv. crop. & thanks jase!
  5. Serious use for non serious video :D One man documentaring use
  6. Focusing ring doesn't stop yes, but i mean does the focusing motor stop perfectly to infinity even you turn the focusing ring over?
  7. Does focusing stop perfectly to infinity, or does it go over it? Thanks jase!
  8. Looking for a compact & lightweight 30-35mm (35mm eq) prime MFT lens. How is the focus by wire in this Panasonic LEICA DG Summilux 15mm / F1.7 ASPH? I have always been using manual focus lenses, but reviews says this has a great built quality so maybe the focusing could be acceptable for serious video use? Anyways where is all the MF pancakes for MFT??
  9. Hmm not sure is it as fast as NX1 1080p.. But should be good enought. Thanks for your clips!
  10. I'm also interested in 1080p. Has anyone seen any rolling shutter test with 1080p? I'd love to see some measurements for that. Is it possible that the sensor readout speeds increase after firmware updates for better rolling shutter? Can you adjust how much the body IS affects video?
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