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  1. Not sure what thread you mean. There are already lots of posts here that show the huge red shift from the Pro Color LUT. Try it yourself, shoot a X-rite color checker and view it on the vector scope. As for the Leeming LUT, there are many many samples of it out there. The Leeming LUT corrects the GH4 color rather than shift it to match another color profile.
  2. I gave up. It is so reddish it is unusable. Gone back to the Leeming LUT One that nails the skin tones.
  3. Nice comparison Matt. But what yo are comparing is not a standard in camera setting. You are using the settings in camera are set to work with this LUT. What a more useful comparrison would be is the shot with he LUT applied (Std setting set per documentation) versus another profile with no LUT. i.e the Natural profile which does a very nice job on skin tones. The comparrison you presented here is the same as comparing ungraded versus graded raw footage.
  4. Thank you for the confirmation. But in all my tests, it is sooo red it is unusable without another correction to bring down the reds. White should be white, not light pink. So adding this next correction is defeating the purpose, is it not as I am bringing down the overall reds rathe than the skin tones. To me this look totally unnatural. I have never used a Canon camera but have a shelf full of Panasonic cameras. I am thinking it is the Canon shooters should have a LUT to make it look more realistic, like a Panasonic. I have had conversations with both Curtis Judd and Caleb Pike, both
  5. I have been testing the LUT and are some what disappointed in the huge red shift int he highlights on all my test shots. I have been using the LUT One by Paul Leeming up until now. It preserves skin tones beautifully while Andrews LUT add too much red that has to be dealt with as an extra step. I have the settings configured per the instructions that came with the download. The only thinng I am not doing is using Auto WB. I do nt see why that would matter. I use a custom WB on every shot and have done so for 30 years. I also have a color reference in most of my shots, as was the case in these
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