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  1. Of course not, I cannot hurt a fly. LOLOL You see, I was born with Monthy Piton and British nonsense humor... Woody Allen, etc... I was just kidding... LOL
  2. Hi Matthew let me tell you more about myself. I'm not an expert, ans you noticed. I don't understand too much about the technological aspects of shooting video. But I know what I like, and right now, I fell that the camera that has the best IQ in good light is still the NX1. At least until the A7 III was released. The problem is that experts refuse to compare most of the new released mirrorless cameras to the NX1, because it was discontinued. For instances, there is no detailed comparison between the NX1 and the A6500, nor the A7r III. Ant that bugs me... Max yuriev "refuses" to test these new mirrorless cameras from Sony against the Nx1, why?!?? I also don't understand why people say the NX1 is not good for low light, because from the videos I watch on youtube it seemed damn good. But the image looks darker. The A7s II image looks brighter. I remember having the same felling between the NX300 and the Nx500, because the Nx300 couls go only until 3200 ISO. Is it just a matter of personal taste? For instances I love the oversharpped image of the NX1. The A6300 image seems soft, and the colors doesn't seem to pop. Just look at me as the point and shoot camera people's representative. ehehe I'm not victimizing myself, but Kisaha sometimes seems like an adolescent, and alwyas resorts to insults to deal with people like me... I guess he is younger than me... I never studied video, nor Photo. I'm too old for that Thanks
  3. Oki Doki... I hate drama. I don't watch MTV, nor Jersey Shore, nor any of that US reality TV garbadge... I also think people don't have to be an expert to participate in foruns... We are always so concerned with our digital foot print... I don't want to be fearful of starting threads here...
  4. Show a little respect? Uau!! That's funny. Kisaha is stalking me since I join Dpreview forum, and this forum too... He is always calling me names, namely troll, and embarrising me... he is always trolling people and threatening them with his "dreadful" Ignore list... why does he do this? Because I'm an amateur??? Because he is the so call Big Boss expert? .... he maybe used to dealing with experts, I don't know, but I'm no expert... am I suppose to be afraid of posting anything in this forum, because I will be judge by the mighty Oby Wan Kisaha? ... I'm always using humor to deal with him but yesterday he just caught me in a bad mood... I'm no expert, I don't have friends that shoot video, or use cameras... I'm post things here because I like to learn from you more... Anyway, extended ISO in video was a good thing. One thing that was really good on the A7s was to kind a see in the dark. The NX1 can do 25600 ISO in photo, so why not for video? I though my NX500 did it. When I told this to other NX500 user on dpreview, many people on that forum was interested in knowing why my camera shot video in 25600 and theirs doesn't. It turned out to be a bug common to all NX500/Nx1 cameras... I just thought it was a software limitation, just like the maximum recording time limit... Thanks PS: it is also sad to know that there were some users that actually made "likes" to what kisaha's reply to me . Now I understand why bullying it is such a big phenomenon... Here is an example of Kisaha atitude towards me: Ksisaha wrote: "this is a trap/troll topic from a well known DPR troll which has been banned multiple times there. He is on my ignore list, so I wouldn't like him to reply straight to me."
  5. thanks dude. It is good to see that you are always so pleasant... Is it the warm greek way of dealing with people? No wonder your national soccer league has been suspended by the government... You really think you're the best, right? I never seen someone with such a big EGO...except maybe for Hitler.. you think you're the boss. That you're in charge... wanna turn this forum into Fascism? LIVE AND, LET LIVE BRO... There is room for everybody... even people with dumb questions... You have 3 people on your stupid ignore list, but I'm sure you must be on almost everyone's ignore list... I mean who cares about you, man, and what you have to say? Are you a famous director? A famous cameramen? A famous anybody?!?!? Never heard about your work... get a life man.. And to think Ancient Greece was the cradle of Democracy...
  6. Hi, Has any one tried it? Increasing the NX1 max ISO in video mode to 25600 through some sort of hack? Thanks
  7. M43forme, you Snitch! How did you spot me? I thought changing my avatar photo was enough to fool you guys... the amount of expertise needed to spot me is the same that people have shown when they opt for the Nx system.. Nah!!!!!! I never thought Kisaha was the Kisaha from dpreview, nor VisualFX, was the VisuaFX from depreview either... their names look so different ... You see, I spent dozens of Euros on psychotherapy to overcome the fact that Kisaha put me on his ignoring list Now I have to start all over again... It is not fair...I even did my avatar logo to turn something bad (ignoring list) into something good (ignoring list TV), with the image of my favorite band... it was hours of hard work with my shrink... And now that me and Kisaha made a truce.... He even comment a thread that I started.... once... I'm gonna put you on my ignoring list to see if you like... bah!!! No, who am I to put anyone on my ignoring list
  8. Dear illustrious panel of hackers I was wonder if you can help me I have this wonderful compact mic, with headphones input, called the EM10, It is boxed... Unfortunately it is not compatible(god know why) with the Nx500. The AGC of the NX500 is great. There aren't those abrupt changes on audio levels, as seen on previous NX models. I thinks they make the mic not compatible with the NX500 due to patents infringements or something like that. I think it is just disabled through software. So can guys you undo this? Please, with sugar on top?... Thanks PS: i promise to give fresh information about a possible NX4 that will be launch in 10 year form now
  9. Thanks, but order both... What do you think about this? I really just want the flip out screen to frame the shot...
  10. Thanks I'm gonna order those right away. It is 7" alright, and has a cover. It is light. I bought it elsewhere but is the same LCD. I'm sure... the cover is nice, and it has some sort of speakers... it is not as small as the one you told before, but you can judge its size comparing it with the A6300 size... I'm thinking on gluing the powerbank on the back of it. Maybe there is another way of fixing the battery, without covering the ventilation of the monitor :(.... I'm also thinking on buying a cage. This one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282668444400 oh!! it is too expensive to order those bolts from europe... Do you think these are the same? From China? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8-32-1-4-HIGH-TENSILE-GRADE-12-9-UNC-HEX-SOCKET-CAP-SCREWS-ALLEN-BOLTS-SHCS/122509999063?hash=item1c862a3bd7:m:mEjtwAinbEK5fQY4-GTd-VQ
  11. Hi, What about this one? I bought this car monitor here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-Touch-Screen-VGA-POS-Color-LED-Display-HDMI-HD-1080-RCA-AV-TFT-LCD-Monitor-UK-/362267038681?hash=item5458cc53d9 My only problem is the screw/thread/bolt... the monitor doesn't fit the tripod thread 1/4"(6,35mm). I try buying the same long bolt to enlarge the thread but in Portugal, it is different metric system. They sell 5mm or 6mm bolts, so I cannot adappt the monitor to my tripod . can anyone, living in the states. or elsewhere, send me a long 1/4" thread like the one seen on the video above ? the one he uses in the video to make the monitor thread larger, to fit the tripod? THANKS Thanks
  12. No, those don't includecHDMI input, nor usb input.
  13. Is that your NX500? In terms of hardware do you think the NX500 is superior to the M50? Do you think Canon , or magic lantern, could add Dual Pixel AF in 4k video on a new firmware? or 120fps at 1080p? If the camera doesn't overheats like Sony, it could be a great camera... I just wish Sony launched the A6500 on this Canon body I really love the Nx50 body, so handy, and it has a great flip out screen.. maybe it's better in low light than the NX500 too... and there is this great lens coming out... https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/canon-will-finally-announce-a-decent-fast-ef-m-lens-32mm-f1-4-stm-coming-soon/ Anyway, the 3.5 LCD I'm going to buy offer a acrylic case... maybe we could put the power bank inside it too:
  14. Thanks I have the EM10 mic, and it is not compatible with the NX500, which is nuts. it is compatible with the older models, but not with the NX500. The EM 10 is a great mic. and so compact... I didn't buy the Gx80 because it didn't offer a mic input, how crazy is that?!?! Anyway, how can anyone do what you have shown to the NX500? I would gladly pay someone for this hack , although if we could connect somewhow the MIC via the USB input of the NX500... like this USB mic for the gopro... By the Way BTM_PIX I'm about to order the 3.5 LCD and the battery. I was wondering how did you fixed the power bank to the LCD, did you glue it? Does it fit in the acrylic box of the LCD? I already have the thing to attach the LCD to the tripod. Also, with a power bank of 2200 MA, how long does it last until the battery drains with the LCD?
  15. yess the 5300, but with mic input, where is it? I don't get it?!?! How does this thing works? Could this work with the Nx500??? The Nx500 has USB. Someone (Otto) tried to use a USB mic with the NX500 but it doesn't work, i guess... The NX500 is almost perfect. As anyone tried one of this with their NX500/Sony A6000?: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fantastic-USB-to-3-5mm-Microphone-Mic-Adapter-Cable-for-GoPro-Hero-3-Camera-DSUK/391990274800?epid=14012640860&hash=item5b4470eaf0:g:AfsAAOSwciVXP~Ef
  16. do you think they might change this, and add Dual pixel AF, in 4K video, in a firmware update? Or with magic lantern, or the processor is not that good...
  17. Thanks this is great Can you tell me what is the USB input? Is it type B, type C, or micro USB? I want to order everything fom ebay.uk... I saw this battery on ebay, but it asks me to choose which compatible model is it for. Can you help me again, please? Which on should I choose from the drop down menu, to work with the LCD you told me before? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Power-Bank-Portable-Mobile-Battery-Charger-Credit-Card-sized-For-Mobile-Phone-UK/361974367624?epid=10011033535&hash=item54475a8588:m:mDSFkO7lvumE7ZxHeqmgzCw Again thanks
  18. Yes, I own a Nx500. It is a wonderful camera :). And my guess is that it is better in 4K video, at least in terms of AF, than the Canon M50, which is odd, because it is almost 3 years old, i guess.... As Kisaha must know I'm tiered of complaining about the NX500 not offering a mic input. That's my main issue with the camera. Also the flip out screen flips upwards, so it blocks the external mic (my Zoom H1). The M50 body is great, and I guess the 1080p t0o. I just wish we could compare the low light performance of both. The canon lenses are cheap... I really intend to buy the new Sony A7 III, one day (when its price drops), but I'm also looking for a cheap and compact camera with mic input for vlogging, and a fully articulated screen. By the way, Kisaha, do you think the AF performance that we can expect from the M50 in 4K, to be as good as the Nx30/300, or worse? Better than the Panasonic GH4? Thanks to both
  19. Thanks. I'm gonna look for a cheap and small power bank also. Can you advise me one?
  20. Thanks Mercer. In fact, I wanted to hear something like that What abot low light. I know that the NX500 is not good above 1600 ISO. Do you wich one is better? Also, if I add an adapter for Canon EOS lenses, a cheaper one ;), can I expect the same AF, as in native lenses? Thanks
  21. Can you send me the link? I cannot see the inputs from the pictures Thanks
  22. but the LCD doesn't have inputs. I really don't understand... It's only the LCD, right? It needs the rastberry woth its inputs, right?!!? here take a look: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-5-inch-LCD-display-Monitor-Suitable-for-Raspberry-Pi-V3-0-with-Touch-Screen-H8/162870969536?hash=item25ebddc4c0:g:vH4AAOSws0Jaar-I Is there any one on sale with both HDMI and USB inputs? ok, is this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-5inch-1920x1080-touch-screen-LCD-Display-HDMI-For-Raspberry-Pi-2-3-b-Monitor/322560909683?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D43781%26meid%3D9c35d05710e54427b0cbe448cc06c087%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D8%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D162870969536%26itm%3D322560909683&_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042 Thanks
  23. I don't get it. But do you need the rastberry pi? The screen has no hdmi inputs, nor USB right?
  24. Thanks But do you need the rastbery Pi?
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