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  1. Hi there, I know, cheap canon mirrorless cameras are crap. Canon is holding back technology, I also know that. I also know that the Somy A6300 is much better than the Canon, and it costs the same. I know all that stuff, but I really need a compact mirrorless camera with mic input, and with a fully articulated LCD. Sony, insist on not implementing a fully articulated LCD on their mirrorless cameras, despite all their camcorders, that shoot worse video, offering it. Lets summarize it shall we: The A6500 has mic input but no selfie LCD, and great AF; The NX500 has a selfie LCD but no mic input, and great AF; The Panasonic G7 has everything, but poor AF for video; The Fuji X20 has mic inout, great AF, but no Selfie LCD, and no 120fps 1080p; The new and more expensive A7III has mic input, but no selfie LCD. This is going on since I start using a Canon DSLR to shoot video LLLOONNGGG time ago. So the Canon M50 could be a possibility. It a kind of a NX30, with mic input, with manual audio levels, and a kind of 4k video. Right? I know the M50 has everything (fully articulated screen, mic input, is compact) but poor AF in 4K, and no 1080p 120FPS. How do you compare the 4K video of the M50 against the NX500? Do they crop the same? Is the AF of the Nx500 so much better? What about low light? Next, if we only shoot 1080p, how can you compare the video quality against the Nx500, and the Nx30? Thanks
  2. What can we expect in terms of AF in 4K video, if we use an adapter for using Canon lenses? Also, hi does Sony insists on not including a fully articulated screen? What are they thinking? Thanks
  3. Hi, can someone compare this camera to the NX500? For 4k video? Thanks
  4. Can you, at least, tell me where is that Andrew comparison? I cannot seem to find it... I guess with this Portuguese hot weather the A6300 will be a nightmare to shoot with, in day light Maybe that's why the camera seems to be so good in low light. It is not so hot at night...
  5. Hi, Are you stalking me Kisaha? It's always nice to be insulted in the public square by someone that don't really know you... It 's funny though, because as long as I can remember you have also been banned from Dpreview several times. You have even posted a thread explaining how, and why you were banned from the Sony APSc sub forum. Did you forget? And who cares about your ignoring list?!?!? (well, maybe your ex-girlfiend does). I can only guess the dozens of people you blocked on your facebook... you must be very important... It is you and Donald Trump... You know what is also funny, is that it was you who told me about this forum. That it was a more video oriented forum... Anyway, I like to thank Mr. Romero, for your honest opinion . The overheating problem of the Sony A6300 is a really concern for me. I had the Sony a58, that was always shutting off, because of the overheating. It made me mad... It was unusable to shoot video with that camera :(. In the past I used to use camcorders to shoot video. But due to their small sensor size, the video indoor was always bad, and noisy. I don't have money, nor time to light a scene. One day, I saw the A7s. And I fall in love Who wasn't? But it was too expensive for me, and the A7sII is even more expensive, and I want a camera that can do 4K. I Wonder, if the Canon 5d Mark III, can do 3.5K, why can't the Sony A7s one, record 4K, internally? It would be the perfect buy for me, because it is relatively cheap. The wonderful NX500 for good light, and the A7s one, for low light, all in 4K. By the way, the G7 seemed a great camera. In these videos, it seems the G7 is better than the Gh5, in low light. How can this be? It also seems to offer the same low light performance as the A6300: The problem is that AF is very important for me. Panasonic did great camcorders, with great AF. What is happening with their AF, in their mirrorless cameras? Thanks
  6. Panasonic mirrorless cameras AF is unusable for video. I want a good low light camera that also offers good low ligh video AF. Unfortunatelly Panasonic is having a hard time implementing it on their cameras
  7. Hi, Thanks for your kind reply Deadcode You address my concerns almost completely . I don't shoot weddings, and long clips, so in this case, overheating won't be a problem, right? I shoot only small clips/takes... By the way, do you know if the camera overheats, how long one have to wait for it to cool down in a normal situation? Do you have the A6300? I guess so. Do you by any chance have also the A7s? How do you compare the two? Can we say the A6300/A6500 is the best APSc camera for low light in video? Will it be comparable with the A7s, till 12800 ISO? I really love the Samsung colors, do you think I can get something similar out of the box, with no color correction in post, with the EOSPRO colors 3? I don't have time to cooler correct video By the way, people say the A6300 is worst in low light, at 1080p. But I saw some videos, and it seems in 4K, the low light is similar to the A6000 1080p. Does this means, the A6000 is better in low light, than the A6300, at 1080p? Thanks Again, thanks Flip PS: I also want to thank the other replyes, but I don't want the GH5. It is too much expensive, and the AF is bad for video, and the low light is worst than the A6300. I want the best bang for the buck. But there is so many stuff said about the A6300, that I don't really know what is the truth anymore.
  8. Hi there, First of all let me just say that I'm a proud owner of both the Samsung NX500 and the NX30. I use both cameras to shoot video. I don't care about stills. There is no doubt in my mind that the Samsung NX1 is the best APSc camera out there... in good light... however I am looking for the best and cheapest APSc camera, that shoots 4K video in extreme low light conditions (6400 ISO and above). I don't have money for neither the A7s II nor the A7s. But I once heard that there is a camera out there, called the A6300, that is a kind of mini-A7s II, but cheapper ;). Is it? On some Youtube videos it seems like it is, on others it doesn't... So I have some final questions about the SonyA6300. 1st: does it overheats? I know it does, but does it overheats only if you shoot 4K video continuously, for 20 minutes or so? If I shoot small 5 minutes MAX clips, or takes, will it still overheats? If it it overheats, how long does it takes to cool down? Does the camera also overheats in 1080p? 2nd: Is the 1080p 60fps video that bad and soft? Is it worse than, for instances, the NX30, or the than Sony A6000? Is it less sharper than these two? Why? 3th: Why do people say so many bad things about the kit lense of the A6300? Is it worst than the samsung 18-55 kit lens? 4th: how does the EOSHD Pro colors 3 work? Do I have to install it in the camera? How do you do that? Is it added in post? 5th: How much costs a speed booster? 6th: does the SONY SEL5018 50MM F1.8 OIS delivers the same quality as the Samsung NX 45mm, but with OIS? Thanks
  9. The actor Ryan Gosling is really bad. I mean, a guy that comes from Mickey Mouse Club to Blade Runner?!??! NAAA!!! No one compares to Harrison Ford
  10. Hi there, Why was wondering wich is the best and cheapest 360º camera right now? Is the Samsung 2017 360º any good? Thanks
  11. How or where can I buy it? Is it listed on e-bay? Thanks
  12. But how can I buy it? I really don't understand this kickstart thing... Is it already for sale?
  13. Thanks for replying. I didn't know it wasn't OTG MountneerMan. in fact I haven't even know what OTG means Anyway, is a pity that such a great camera's video performance is ruined by poor audio quality. Is time consuming to sync audio in post. I noticed that Sony 6000 consumers dealt with the same problem, and didn't solved it, but they at least can used the Sony proprietary mic, via the shoe socket. What really annoys me is that, a worst camera like the NX300, than the NX500 allows for the use of the Samsung EM10 mic. The problem is that the AGC - Automatic Gain Control, is so bad, that it ruined the NX300 audio completely. Now, the AGC of the NX500 is much better, you can't see those terrible ups, and downs, on the audio, and you can choose the audio level, but this time, for strange that it seems, the NX500 is not compatible with the EM10. Why my god?!?!? Audio is equally, if not more important, than video quality. So what can one do? Does anyone knows why the EM10 is not compatible with the NX500? thanks
  14. Hi, I bought this adapter - 3.5 mini jack (female) to micro USB: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Micro-USB-Jack-to-3-5mm-Earphone-Headphone-Adapter-Socket-Audio-Cable-Sale-/252522076154?hash=item3acb7d17fa:g:zRoAAOSw~gRVpdgU I tryed out with my Rode videomic pro, and there is no sound being recorded to the NX500 trough there unfortunately I was wondering. Is the ability to record audio via the USB micro port viable through some sort of hack? The automatic gain control of the NX500 is great, so in a sense the only thing we needed is to allow the external audio to be recorded to the camera by software, via the USB micro port. Here, the gopro allows it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjDBHR4faJk I mean, the hardware is there (USB micro port)... so maybe the NX500 could be the best camera at its price range with an audio quality that match its video performance... Thanks, flip
  15. Hi guys, Finally, something that will solve all my problems... well, not all, because I still have cameras with great image, that for strange that it seems don't offer a simple and low tech, and inexpensive 3.5 mic input. Why is it so difficult for a brand to understand that a simple 3.5 mic input, or a 180ºselfie LCD is essential for amateur videographers? I cannot afford to pay someone to shoot my videos, or to sync audio in post. I just don't understand why mirrorless cameras, that have such a better video quality than camcorders, because of their larger sensors, still don't offer the commodities seen on every cheap or old camcorder. Usually if mirrorless cameras offer a fully articulated 180º LCD, they don't offer a 3.5 mic input, and vice-versa, like the Samsung NX500, or the RX100, or the A6300. Why is taking so long for the perfect video camera, in the shape of a mirrorless camera to arrive? I mean, the GH5 is expensive, and its AF is bad for video, (or isn't with the 2.0 firmware update), and the A6500 wich is great for video don't offer a fully articulated screen, and overheats... The new Olympus EM10 Mark III don't offer both, mic input, nor selfie screen, but the brand says, in their commercial, that is perfect to takes selfies?!?!?! Who can understand these brands policy... Thanks
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