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  1. I don't understand where Apple is heading with their hardware, but god I love their OS. I don't have time to mess with device drivers and constantly changing operating system functionality. I actually found it easier to build a hackintosh computer than a PC, which is ironic. I used to think it would be fantastic to replace my desktop with a laptop, but being chained to a power outlet always defeated the desired experience. I keep my media separate from my computers, and use a desktop and a laptop for their intended use cases. I'm not a professional photographer or videographer, but value my time all the same. Hopefully there will never be a 100% clear cut choice between PC and Mac, since competition is what drives innovation. I'm fortunate enough to live near a Microsoft store and an Apple store, so within the span of an hour my wife was able to test most of her options from a usability standpoint when deciding on a new device for work. She ended up going with an iPad Pro, which was funny since one of her most used applications is Microsoft Word. I thought the surface studio looked amazing in the promotional videos, but found it disappointing in person.
  2. From a hobbyists perspective, I don't see how anyone could make a decision on purchasing a camera that doesn't shoot raw when considering the incredible variance in peoples subjective preferences for color aesthetic. The high degree of difficulty in controlling a scene's color reproduction during acquisition using 8bit color is much more limiting than other variables, such as focus, lighting, composition, etc. In my opinion, the next lasting technology advancement in video will come from HDR, and even a 10bit codec will leave very little leeway for correction in post.
  3. I would suggest rsync. It's a command line program, but fast and efficient.
  4. Just wanted to share my pleasant experience as a home video enthusiast creating a family vacation video montage with ML Raw video and Davinci Resolve. I had several technical difficulties, and tried some convoluted workflows to correct them, but in the end stayed entirely in Resolve. Sorry if the saturation/colors/clipping/banding causes any nausea ;-) I wish I had the time and skill to do justice to the ML raw files, but, for better or worse, I stuck almost entirely to the camera raw tools in Resolve.
  5. Just wanted to add a few of my notes for what it's worth. Slimraw 10-bit lossless log compression is awesome if space is an issue; and works perfectly with MLVFS to reduce wasted transfers. Resolve and cinemaDNG's makes for an efficient workflow; however, I've had problems recovering highlights in Resolve that Lightroom/ACR have no problems with (magenta cast in highlights and checkered artifacts). For example, the center strip in this video shows the same footage processed with Lightroom vs Resolve on the sides:
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