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  1. Thanks for the dignified and respectful response to my post, Andrew.
  2. I don't usually post, but I enjoy this site and find it informative and I'm grateful for all the hard work Andrew puts in. I'm risking a ban by posting this, but I don't mean Ill will. However, although I understand that feeling snubbed is not very nice (and I DO think it would have been wise to let you try it out.) I can't help feel like, Andrew, you're shooting yourself in the foot a bit with posts like the last one. It comes across very much like sour grapes and that you're trying to show the world what happens when people mess with you , reminiscent of Donald Trump, who only makes himself look small when he does this, IMO because it comes across a bit childish to some people. I don't think not buying a camera is much of a punishment, and I think neither would it be wise to unfairly deride the camera as part of a punishment plan. What if the camera is really good? I suspect that, at some point you'd be interested in trying it, and that would involve an embarrassing about-face that could have been easily avoided by being cool rather than 'throwing your toys out of the pram' in the first place. Also, sadly, I think your post actually could be actually be rather amusing to your antagonist in this scenario as It just sounds like you're upset and having a tantrum.
  3. Hello , I've followed this site for ages, but never posted, so Hi. I wonder if anyone has experienced this following issue on the original A7S and know of or could suggest a solution please? I updated my A7S firmware to 3.2 recently and weirdly all picture profiles changed to SLOG. I reset all the ones I could back to normal, but there are no settings it seems for 'None'. So now 'profile none' is stuck with Slog for both movie and still mode, (but not in panorama, oddly). I have reset and initialised the camera, removing battery and waiting etc quite a few times, but to no avail.
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