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  1. Agree. A shotgun and a lav is on my next to buy list. I am still learning how to mix the audio tracks so having trouble getting the level right. I have now graded the video with filmconvert. I'm not sure it's better but it has a different look. See what you guys think.
  2. When I shot that video portrait of the leather artisan I had an H1 on a small tripod a few feet away from my subject. It still recorded the background air conditioner noise but not as much. A lavalier would have been better. I find the in camera microphone is acceptable for ambient sound or if the subject is close by in a quiet room. So for home video like birthday party in my house it was quite adequate. Outside or if the subject is far away an external recording system is obviously better. I have try attaching the H1 to the hot shoe directly but I pick up a lot of handling noise of the camera. I am planning to buy a RODE videomicro, which has a shock mount , to attach to the hotshoe and feed that to the H1.
  3. Thanks Michael. The slow mo probably doesn't fit well with the overall style of the documentary but as a newbie I just want to try it for the giggles.
  4. Agree. The ending is not smooth. I'll try a different cut. Will also use filmconvert for a more cinematic look. Learning a lot.
  5. New to this forum. Looks like the video link I posted above did not change to an embedded player automatically. Will try it a different way to see if it works
  6. Total NOOB here. Bought the gx85 a month ago as a tool to learn how to shoot video. Steep learning curve. A few books, Google and forum like this taught me everything so far. Went to a video portrait workshop organized by a local camera store on Thursday night. They had a local artisan there for us to shoot. Three light set up. Did a quick edit with Resolve. Learning as I go. I think it is a fantastic camera. https://youtu.be/JLXEILzEtuI Natural Profile -5,-5,-5,0 All handheld. Straight out of camera. No grading.
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