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  1. Dave, i'm going down basically the same road you are.. just got the 1dc, about to get the gratical -- and probably the Zeiss Otus lenses which i tried and are awesome. Wanted to ask you a few dumb questions if you don't mind. Some context, i like Abraham Joffe's look, and will probably follow in his footsteps in terms of the look and style he's gotten from the 1dc. Specifically, he doesn't use Clog, dials down the contrast, etc. So my questions are: - Have you tried shooting without Clog, and do you have opinions? Joffe feels Clog is too flat, even after color correction. - What shutter speed do you shoot at for 4k, and do you have opinions on shooting at different rates? 1/50 vs 1/100, etc. -- I don't care about grabbing still frames, just want the best video look. - Any other settings advice, and/or exporting/downscaling/conversion programs advice? Thanks! i've enjoyed your takes on the 1dc.
  2. It being a big company has all sorts of bearing on it because you're not screwing anyone over, and therefore shouldn't feel bad about it. Do you not understand that this situation is highly unusual, and unworthy of your puritanical rants on what you think is right? A camera had a GIANT price reduction during his 30 day grace period - that a big company benefits from. Adorama, or any other big company, MAKES MONEY on their 30 return policy via customer satisfaction and impulse buying. The situations like Dave's are rare, but this is a situation where the customer gets the benefit of that policy. This has no bearing on the separate issue of people buying cameras only to use them and return them, that's a totally different situation where there is an INTENT to take advantage, there was no intent here. It's a 30 day CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY. Dave wasn't satisfied with it's value within 30 days, it doesn't matter why.
  3. I decided to signup and become a member just so i can personally combat this silliness. You're actually suggesting that he feel bad because he bought a camera, saw it go down by 3k, and decided to take advantage of a return policy that a huge company has in place in order to make the most money for themsevles? Do you think Adorama has that return policy because they're a bunch of sweethearts, or because it ultimately improves their bottom line and gets more people to impulse buy? Now that i've got that out of the way, i just bought the 1dc. Anyone have any thoughts on C-Log vs no C-Log shooting? To my eye, i think i agree with Abraham Joffe, that not using C-Log and just dialing down the contrast achieves the best look. Admittedly, i'm a novice shooter.
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