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  1. I regret selling my NX1 and all lenses last year. I sold it to also pay some hospital bills. But now thinking about buying another and the lenses again. Can't find anything else that has the hybrid features, and a lower price. GH5 is nice though.
  2. What is this RAW internal recording on the NX1? What is it exactly and who is working on it?
  3. I sold my NX1 and all lenses early last year and now regretting it. I need a new hybrid camera, one mainly for 4k video to create a film reel to give to employers. I'm finding it hard to find something that is both a good still and video camera. I'm about to drive myself mad and may just purchase another NX1 and lenses in the meantime. The GH5, GH5s, and even the new A7iii seem to have drawbacks. They either have a video crop, no phase detection AF, or other drawbacks. The GH5s looks nice, but only 12mp and that won't work for me for stills. I'd have to get two different bodies and I can't hardly afford one now. GH5 no phase detect and Fuji X-H1 is way expensive for me now.
  4. Would you consider selling the 50-150S separately? If so, can you PM me how much you are looking for it?
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