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  1. I have a couple of 7D2 bodies and they're great with Andrew's Clog. Plus the 7D2 has clean HDMI out where as the 80D does not. I also use my cameras with Atomos Ninja 2 recorders to get ProRes files - very helpful for smooth editing and easier on the grading process. Just my thoughts.
  2. Am I supposed to ETTR? Getting artifacts in the shadows (actually worse on my Ninja2 than internal 7D2 - could be something wrong with my Ninja2).
  3. Bought this almost immediately. Using it on a 7D2 with a Ninja 2 and ProRes 422HQ. So far, so good. The 8 bit 4.2.2 seems to behave a little better than the internal 8 bit 4.2.0 h.264.
  4. Already mentioned in posts before yours. I think the addition of a shoe mount XLR adapter is a good upgrade but I hope they also add ND adjustments as well.
  5. I think that may be for a C100 type shoe connector with XLR ports.
  6. If he's signed an NDA which I would assume he did. Or maybe it's not called a 5D Mark IV by Canon so he can get away with it.
  7. Do you work for Sony, Mike? Comparing Apples to Oranges with the DPReview comment - we're not talking stills here. Anyhow, I think the XC10 is very promising indeed. A good enough "A" cam and better "B" cam. The next iteration will probably be even better.
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