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  1. How good are the S1/S1H at focus peaking? I always think manual focus is good enough, but then I have the a6500, which has great focus peaking. If a camera doesn't have a good AF, then maybe focus peaking will not be good either? Does anybody have any experience with both cases?
  2. I was thinking something in the camera keeps track of the recovery time, so if it could be disabled, maybe by completely removing the power to it, like a battery or a capacitor, that could wipe the recovery clock also. But someone should test your hypothesis also. 🙂
  3. This is great sleuthing, Andrew! Please keep up the good work, and ignore the Canboys!
  4. Is the stacked Exmor sensor on both the regular Mi 9 and Mi 9 Explorer Edition? Or just the Explorer Edition? I just looked at some sample images from the Mi 9, and they don't look any special.
  5. Andrew, keep saying whatever you want about the cameras, and doing whatever you see fit. That's the reason I keep visiting your blog.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way to record the video to an SSD directly? Is there an SD adapter to record to SSD?
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