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  1. Hello Eric Can these be used on YouTube without getting third party copyright notifications? I am a YouTube partner and monetise some of my videos, but obviously cannot use most music that is out there. I tend to use Premiumbeat and Kevin McLeod, but the former is expensive and the latter has currently run out of steam regarding the moody types of tracks that I tend to use. I looked on your FAQs and it isn't overtly clear. I am aware that you should be credited in any video/film specifically regarding track titles and artist. Thanks
  2. Loved that so much that I forgot what the subject matter was. Always a good sign of a great piece of work when you forget all about technicalities, specs, named products, settings -and become engrossed in the whole point of film, which is to tell a story.
  3. As above - you cannot trust the a7sii autofocus. Better to go manual and know your focus area - which won't mean you are shooting at f1.8 much of the time unless you have obedient subjects.
  4. I shot a documentary last year on a Panasonic FZ200. Audio was via a Zoom H1. I was going to delay everything until I had £15,000 worth of rig, but decided to shoot once the opportunity was hot and there for the taking. My entire equipment cost £500. Unless you are planning to sell to a broadcasting company, it doesn't really matter what you use if the story is good enough and you have the heart to do it. I only say this because it is tempting to use the excuse that we don't have the perfect set up as a cover for procrastination. We end up never producing anything. Next documentary will be filmed using the a7sii - this time I will be able to shoot indoors, as well
  5. FCPX and El Capitan. The only reason I chose FCPX is because it is so simple to use and I am only currently a hobbiest.
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