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  1. Amazing review Andrew ! " codec is HEVC H.265 – at 10bit 200Mbit no less." Is this All I or Inter codec?
  2. Hi Ian, how sharp is this lens wide open? Or you have to shoot at f4 atleast to get a sharp image?
  3. Trying to buy a matching diopter for the wid angle adapter...What would be a good match for this 0.7X Century Optics Wide angle converter lens? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Century-Precision-Optics-VS-07CV-XL-0-7x-Wide-Angle-Converter-Lens-f-Canon-XL1-/252321543088?hash=item3abf8933b0:g:GwkAAOSwP~tW6FBW Can someone please suggest !
  4. B&H has the Tamron close up lens for $7... wondering if it is the same glass? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/53497-REG/Tamron_FL71400_Close_Up_Lens_for_Older.html
  5. Thanks Timotheus, so it must be a good performing single element diopter, similar to achromat, if it is mentioned on the thread. ABout to buy one
  6. The Tamrons you have mentioned are Achromats I assume?
  7. Let me know if you want to sell your B&H
  8. How does one calucate the strength of the diopter required for a particular Wide angle adapter say 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, etc Need to setup a foccussing unit, was wondering which achromats and wide angle adapters to buy. Have an access to a machine shop so making a telescopic push and pull system, should not be a problem, once I have the required lenses!
  9. Frank, that is so cool! Whats the size of the rear element of Cavision .6x Wide-Angle Adapter... Guess it is smaller than 77mm achromat.... doesn't the image vignette because of that? Did you modify the Cavision .6x Wide-Angle Adapter by any chance?
  10. Wondering how this single focus thing works? How can we collapse the HD zoom attachment to work as single focus unit?
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