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    Charbax got a reaction from sanveer in Fuji X-T3 has 4K60P and 10 bit   
    Looking at the spec page I see a lot of problems with video, sadly:
    - 4K60 works for "approx 20min" (sounds like overheating limit to me, I absolutely need unlimited 4K60 recording like GH5)
    - 4K60 is cropped 1.18x
    - video files are split at 4GB (unusable for me, I don't want to be joining 4GB clips in a video editor before being able to upload the 4K60 footage to YouTube)
    - 10bit video internally is 4:2:0 only
    - HLG (HDR) not yet available (but they say will come by end of year firmware update, not sure if 4:2:0 follows HLG spec, I thought 4:2:2 had to be the HLG spec)
    - no IBIS is no good for video and photo (means a $1000 gimball is compulsory for shots off tripod, I never shoot on tripod)
    - battery life is way too short means Battery grip is compulsory but goes through 5+ batteries in 1 day of video shooting.
    - LCD is not very bright and does not flip to the side (which rules out a lot of types of video shooting, I don't want to buy a camera without a side flip display)
    - Lack of object tracking in autofocus is a very big bummer (although the much better face tracking AF than GH5 is great!)
    - It looks like it can't do advanced high profile H265 real-time encoding. Does the H265 options provide lower bitrates which is the promise of H265? What does it do in H264 and what does it do in H265 exactly and at which bitrates for each?
    I want all frame rates and resolutions with H265 options at half the bitrate of H264 for the same quality. Is that not what it can do? Does it force you to use H265 for IPB? (without even saving a lot on the bitrate?)
    Since NX1 of 5 years ago I am waiting for a camera to be able to do 4K in H265 properly to save up to half the bandwidth and storage and still be YouTube direct upload compatible at the same 4K quality. I want a camera that does 75mbit/s H265 at the same quality as 150mbit/s in H264. Or 100mbit/s in H265 at the same quality as 200mbit/s in H264. This might require a much "stronger" "more advanced" "more complex profile" real-time H265 encoding ability. If YouTube, Netflix and Amazon fit their 4K24 streams within 25mbit/s H265 (encoding using strong multi-pass high profile H265 encoders) then surely there is a camera that can fit 4K60 nicely in about 75mbit/s bitrate in H265 when encoding real-time in camera comparable in quality to what it would do in like the GH5 in 150mbit/s using H264. This may not quite be it, I certainly hope Sony gives us new H265 options in their next A7000 APS-C High End and A7Siii.
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    Charbax got a reaction from KnightsFan in Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p   
    Only one XQD card slot? But that's not acceptable for any serious pro, is it? Only one slot means some Z6/Z7 owners most definitely will lose everything, which is unacceptable if you're doing a paid job. Dual card slots is a requirement!
    The lack of flippy display means the device is quite unusable for people creating content themselves without a dedicated cameraman at all times to check the framing, focus and etc. Filming yourself or conducting interviews is hopeless unless you add a bulky external display. What a shame.
    Does it have a 30min video record limit? I certainly hope not!
    And I want 4K 60p so I am not buying Z6, sorry.
    I wish these new high performance encoders had H265 codec as an option too to be able to record to a lower bitrate keeping the same quality, easier for YouTube 4K uploading for people (like me) who don't need/want to do post production rendering and the like.
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