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  1. I know you have a strange fixation on me, you are replying me in every topic I say something, really man, take your pill and move on, I don't care less what you have to say, be happy with your life!!!
  2. you see, my original affirmation was true, almost nobody here is going to buy this camera, you also didn't have a $10K camera, you just get one rented for a specific project, thank you for confirming my statement!!!
  3. make sense but it is strange Resolved has been optimized to run 12K and not for the conversion of the log profile. I guess we will have to wait a little to see it.
  4. why upset?, I am not upset at all, people can get exited for whatever they want, I just said this camera is a waste of time and people get upset with me, and I still keep my affirmation, almost nobody here is going to buy this camera, and yes, most people here do not have the money to buy a $10K camera, just a few, and what will happen is that some guys will have the opportunity in the future to be able to access this camera for a production, like you now having the opportunity to use a FX9, but you didn't tell if you own that camera, is it your camera?
  5. please show us this affirmation, download the footage, do the correct color grade and upload here again, so Super8 will be able to see the magenta issue is easily removable.
  6. please, that lot of people you are talking about is only 1%.
  7. I don't see anybody using right now an R5 or R6 for a wedding, unless it is not a paid job and let's just get the best we can, the overheating issue and the time limit are a killer for weddings, if the overheating and time limit can be avoided with an external recorded then canon could have a possibility here.
  8. wait for the Komodo, probably that could be the camera you have been waiting for, most probably it will keep RED cine color, hope so, and the price will be around $6K.
  9. Really guys, nobody is going to buy this camera to shoot S16 (probably one or two who don't know what to do with their money), it is too expensive, so let's stop talking about a revolution in S16, it is not going to happen, forget it, but I agree it is good to see a few people talking about S16 again. The good news about his camera, is that in the next years, we could see a new pocket from BM with this sensor and also having the S16 mode, and if the camera is affordable, around $3K, that's going to be a revolution for S16, and many people will be interested again in S16 format. I will never change my ming that this new BM is a waste of time, it is not oriented to us, so I don't care, I only care about a camera I can get and use, when BM release that pocket I am waiting I will be the first to rise the hands and celebrate like a child in Christmas.
  10. I understand your frustration Super8, but really, who in this forum can afford this camera?, I don't, and that's the answer from 99 % of the people here, this camera is not oriented to us, it is oriented for productions companies with at least a small crew to operate it. And I didn't notice the magenta issue until you said it, good catch!!!, people is acting like fans, they see 12K and now we have the perfect camera, everything is fantastic and we can forget about all the other issues. They are not going to buy this new BM camera, only play with the footage released, but they are ready to cut your throat if you say that this camera is a waste of time, which in my opinion is for most of us. The only positive here is that in the next years BM could release a new pocket with this new sensor, which for that time will be fixed for the magenta cast, hopefully!.
  11. Unfortunately we have a war of haters, Canon always looks good and cinematic, it was what blow my mind the first time I started shooting with a C100, so I will try to stay with canon, on the other hand, I have never liked the skin tone of Sony cameras, and that's a personal preference, so I will never go there unless they change it. Anyway, the overheating issues in the new canons are really annoying, I can not work with a tool that is overheating, no way, I am hoping we will see some solutions once the camera is in the wild, probably external recording will be an acceptable solution when you have to shoot the whole day, interchanging with some minutes of slow mode, that could work for me, I think I will go for the R6, I do not need a new camera this year, so I can wait a little. The only thing that could change my mine is if the Komodo turns out to be an incredible camera, with an autofocus close to DPAF, because of I love RED compression, and the flexibility it provides in post.
  12. R5 and R6 will sell like hotcakes, the new BM is not going to take a bit of canon customers, when Clog3 upgrade is added I am sure we will have exceptional footage and several DIY solutions for the overheating, I still think the R5 is too expensive for all the issues, most probably we will have to use an external monitor for continuos recording, anyway, let's wait and see, next month will be very interesting.
  13. Sad to hear about your friend, specially when he was probably going to be rewarded for all his effort as a filmmaker, I hope time give you some peace, and I am glad you are in business again, let us know when you finish your new short, I assume you will use your 5D3 with magic lantern, best luck in this new project!!!
  14. nice, what about the 24-105 7.1?, is it also too heavy?
  15. In just two days I become the most hated guy in this community, just because of I showed my profound disappointment and said loudly that the new BM camera was a waste of time, well, it is my opinion and is not going to change, I received downvoted like crazy, probably is a good idea that those downvoted are removed for good from this site. @techie I hear you man, I hear you!
  16. @mercer finally returning from freeze land, I know you pronounced the forbidden word in this community (Ke** Ameri** Gre**), and you were exiled to hell, good to see you back, I have been expecting for your comments about the new canons, a lot of heat there (literally). 🙂
  17. he was just playing devil's lawyer, and a rich one, since he has the money to buy this new camera.
  18. exactly, this is what we were expecting based on rumors, a new pocket with new technology affordable for the indie/solo shooter, unfortunately we didn't get it, and yes, probably is on their way now, but is going to take some time, 2 more years?.
  19. it is really bad to continue reading here people complaining about John Brawley for no reason, I didn't like the new BM camera at all, for many reasons, but the knowledge John provides for free in different forums is something that really almost nobody do, and people still complain, that is something I do not understand, good thing Super8 retracted somehow immediately, let's hope people understand and we will never see something like that again.
  20. probably Sony a7siii will be the wiser choice for you, since R6 most probably will have a higher RS and you can only record to one card, which is going to be very dangerous for weddings.
  21. $10K is too much expensive for 99.9% of the people in this forum, if you are one of the two or three guys who has the money to buy it, good for you, probably is the camera you have been waiting all this time....for the rest of us is just another new toy for medium/big size productions or rich boys, we will never have the money to buy it, and in my case, I have plenty other options that I will choose before this camera, certainly this camera will have its market, that for sure, but for the indie/solo shooter is not going to be the first option.
  22. that's what really make me mad, why they put that crappy micro-hdmi?, external recording is going to be a hell, I hope we will see some kind of solution with a cage.
  23. Again, it is not a camera to be used by creative/artist people of the S16 world, can it be used for a very specific area as you said "wildlife doco's"?, probably, good for you if this is the ideal tool in your eyes, it is going to be a game changer for S16 glass?, not even close, the revolution that S16 glass had years ago was because of BMPCC cameras were very cheap and available for everybody, so you get this cheap camera, get the cheap S16 glass, and you are ready for what usually cost you two or three time that money. This camera is $10K, no more than two or three guys here are going to buy it, you most probably are not going to buy it, it is too expensive, sorry dude, this revolution is never going to happen, and you still can get good S16 glass at very good prices, just last year I bough three S16 canons very cheap. I have been using S16 film cameras since 2011, and the only S16 digital camera I was ever interested was the digital bolex, because of its MOJO.
  24. The original idea to use a S16 camera was the lower cost and the flexibility to perform shoots with a small camera, the French filmmakers take these cameras to the streets in places where 35mm camera were too much difficult to operate, and that was the spirit until the rise of the digital era, now we have very small cameras which can be used exactly like S16 cameras use to be in the past. The digital bolex keep that original intention, a small and very easy to use camera which can be used in extreme situations and places, where the only limit is filmmaker imagination. The BM is clearly not a good choice for a S16 camera, it's a bigger camera, heavier, will have a lot of limitations compared to a digital bolex, there is no a good reason to get this camera to do S16, the only reason I will use a camera so big like this to do S16 is because of it is a film camera, yes, an old and beautiful original film camera, which by the way I have, and I use to do some documentary, I only have like 12 minutes to shoot for each roll, but what you get for all the effort is worth. This new BM camera is oriented to be operated by a crew, to compite in that segment with RED, not for an independent creator, sure you will see some crazy guy running with this brick in his shoulders and telling to the world is the best camera for run and gun, but we all know the best performance for this kind of cameras can only be achieved with a crew, even a smaller crew will make a huge difference. No need to try to justified this camera as the perfect tool for every scenario, it is what it is, it is too expensive for individuals, it is oriented for crew work to compite with RED cameras. It will find his place in the market for sure, if you have a small production company probably this camera is the perfect tool, I can see the point to get it for some people, but probably most companies will stay using RED and ALEXA just because of when the customer is on set he is expecting to see that kind of cameras filming his commercial. Time will tell.
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