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  1. Andrew, is it true your statement ?, 5 axis IBIS GH5 with VLOG and 6K, plus upgraded EVF and body in Oct/Nov ?
  2. I am using a steadicam flyer, with drop time of 2-3 seconds, and even i have been tempted with a gimbal system I will stay with the steady since I need at least a Ronin for my camera, and thats a lot of weight and a lot of single points of failure, also the steady is much more organic, now I am hopping in NAB a small 4k 10-bit 4:2:2 camera is released so I can use it as a B cam with a pilotfly or something similar, if not, I think the best option will be a GX85 with a speed booster XL…. what do you think guys?
  3. When you think Canon can not disappoint you any more……here we go!!!…..the next generation is even more disappointed…..
  4. If I don`t see any new small 4K camera at NAB with 10bit 4:2:2 codec, most probably I will get a GX80 with a metabones XL, I just hope it at least shows the same image quality than the G7……and no the killing issues we just saw in the A6300….what a disappointing!!!!
  5. something better than 8bit 4:2:0……but it was just a dream!!!…..I guess GH5 will use the same…..
  6. looks like is MP4 format with H.264 codec……..no so happy about it
  7. Anyone knows what is the internal codec recording in 4K?
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